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All of them are.

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Q: Is the remote coil hose compatible with co2?
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What is a remote coil paintball CO2 marker gun air hose tank line?

A remote hose (AKA Remote Coil) is a coiled hose that you screw into your ASA on your marker, and your tank, allowing you to place the tank anywhere you feel comfortable. If you are going to play with the remote, I advise poking a hole through your outfit and threading the hose through your uniform, so you don't get it caught on any brush, metal, etc.

Can you use a Co2 remote coil for HPA?

Remote coils are built for both, so yes.

What is a ufd CO2 hpa paintball thick coiled remote qd?

a "remote line" or "coil" is a long coil of steel tubing that is plugged into the Asa (air source adapter/where the tank goes in) and allows the air or co2 tank to be carried on a harness on your back. This is recommended if you are going to use a butt stock or want a light (but less maneuverable) gun.

Are Crosman Co2 cartridges compatible with daisy guns?

The disposable aluminum CO2 cartridges used for airguns are standardised, and should be compatible.

Is the spyder vs1 notrogen compatible?

Hi there, Yes,I have the Spyder VS1 and it is compatible with both co2 and HPA(High Pressure Air)or (Nitrogen) Cheers

Which type of extinguisher has a hard horn on the end of a flexible hose or metal arm?

CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)

What threatens the sustainability of oil?

This is bounded by the by now extremely remote capability and/or Ability of Our Paper-Thin Atmosphere to Absorb and Adsorb MORE CO2. Our Oceans HAVE ALREADY HAD THEIR FILL OF CO2.

Where do remote coils for paintball guns attach to on the paintball gun?

Where the air tank or co2 tank normally attaches

Why do scientists collect co2 data at remote isolated locations such as Alaska and antarctica?

yes because its silly up there

Is anti siphon CO2 the same as an asa dovetail?

An anti- siphon co2 bottle is a co2 bottle where a brass hose is pointing upwards, so liquid co2 will not enter the marker. A dovetail is a way of attaching your ASA (Air Source Adapter, aka where you screw your tank in). Instead of screws, a dovetail ASA is mounted using rails.

How do you put CO2 in a gas blowback gun?

there could be a chance you could but from what ive seen ...... you cant and eaither it will b too pawerful or its not compatible with the gun

How do you clear a blocked air conditioner drain line?

It could be right at the indoor coil, which is pretty easy, you can use CO2 or nitrogen to usually unblock it.