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A rebound in Netball is when a player is shooting and it bounces off the ring or the post.

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Q: What is a rebound in netball?
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Can you shoot off the rebound in the air in netball?

yes you can

What is rebound in netball?

When the ball is thrown/shot by the goal shooter or goal attack in the circle and it misses as rebound is to catch the ball by jumping up to meet it as it falls through the air.

Why is it important to follow through when you shoot in netball?

It is Important to follow through in netball because even the best shooter in the world still occasionally misses and if you miss you need to be there ready to get the rebound. If you manage to get the rebound you have an extra chance to score a goal. However if you didn't follow the ball after you shot, and you missed and the other team got the ball then they could score an extra point instead of you. If you manage to get the rebound every time you miss a goal and score from the rebound you will end up with a high score. Hope you find this helpful

How do you improve your follow through when you shoot in netball?

when you have taken a shot, follow your shot to the hoop and if it hits the ring you will then hopefully get the rebound meaning you can have another shot:)

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