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yes you can

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2010-06-25 03:15:22
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Q: Can you shoot off the rebound in the air in netball?
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What is a rebound in netball?

A rebound in netball is when a player is shooting and it bounces off the ring or the post.

Is it legal to shoot off the net in indoor netball?


Can you jump and shoot the ball off the backboard come down and get your own rebound and go back up and shoot the ball again?

Yes, as long as the ball hits some part of the goal, its not traveling.

What happens in a in a bottle when their is air pressure in side?

the lid will shoot off.

What do you call the recovery of a basketball shot that bounces off a rim or backboard?

a rebound

What does playing the ball mean in netball?

Bouncing the netball off the ground into your hands for your own possession.

Can you shoot a basketball more accurately with or without the backboard?

You can hit a shot off of the backboard and into the hoop, but you can't hit a shot off of air into the hoop. You can easily shoot more accurately with the backboard.

In netball can a shooter aim to shoot then take a step forward and then aim to shoot again?

The shooter can do this as long as she doesn't complete a whole step, ie the leg must be kept off of the ground before the ball is released otherwise a foot fault error will be incurred.

How far up off the ground is the netball hoop?

I am not too sure how far upp off the ground the netball hoop is but i think it is about 3.02 metres

OFF means what in a basketball stats line?

Offensive Rebound

What is gk in netball?

GK stands for goal keeper. For goal keeper you can get the ball off the other team and shoot goals so your allowed in the semi circle but your not allowed in the other teams semi circle.

What is billiards rebound?

The term "rebound" is not a billiards term. However, a ball "bouncing" off a rail might be termed rebound to someone that is not a billiards player. The action off a rail is complex and the simple term used is "bank". The bank shot changes the balls direction, momentum, and rotational momentum so cannot be considered a simple rebound.

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