What is a pitch out in softball?

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A pitch out is another term for intentionally walking a batter. What that means is the pitcher will pitch four balls(not strikes) in order to put the batter on base without giving her a chance to hit. The batter will only get to first base unless she steals or gets hit around in a later situation. The reason for this is normally when the batter is a very good hitter and the pitcher would rather give the batter after her a chance to hit so that a run isn't scored. Pitch outs are thrown very far out from the strike zone. The pitcher will throw only at 70 mph (not exactly- around that speed) while the catcher stands up and out of the way to catch it. A pitch out is a term for intentionally throwing a ball to the outside of the plate (where the batter cannot hit it) because you believe that the runner (usually on first) is going to try to steal a base. The pitch out allows the catcher to stand up as soon as the pitch is thrown and be in a throwing position as soon as he/she receives the ball. This allows the catcher to get the ball to the the target base very quickly and can greatly improve the chances of throwing out the runner. An intentional walk is when the pitcher intentionally throws four balls to put the runner on first. There are a number of situations where a team may want to do this. Example: there are runners on second and third and you want to setup a force play at home plate. In this case you would intentionally walk the batter.

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Q: What is a pitch out in softball?
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