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340000000000000 years

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Q: What is a olympic qualifying standard?
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How many countries did not reach the Olympic qualifying standard to compete?


What is the 100m fly olympic trial qualifier?

The 2012 Olympic qualifying standard is 52.36 seconds for men and 58.70 seconds for women.

What is the Olympic A standard?

The A Standard is the "automatic" qualifying time for an event. The B Standard is the backup qualifying time. To be guaranteed a spot in an Olympic event, you must both earn a slot from your country (number of slots may vary by event and by country) and have achieved the A standard. If there are not enough participants around the world who have qualified that way, then competitors with B Standard times may be added to "make the event competitive."

What is qualifying olympic womens 800m time?

1.59.50 :)

What is the Olympic qualifying time for women's 50m freestyle?

The qualifying time for the women's 50m freestyle is 25.43 seconds.

How do you Swim in the Olympics?

To swim in the olympics, you have to be selected for your country's olympic team, which will typically be selected in the year leading up to the competition. Selection usually occurs at a national qualifying event, which you must achieve a qualifying standard to enter. In some countries the qualifying standard for the event must be met at a certain level of competition. Usually up to two atheletes will be selected for each olympic swimming event, but some teams will choose not to enter an event if they do not feel that they can compete seriously with the representatives from other countries.

What is qualifying olympic 400m time?

You will need to run low 44 to even be in the running. Most likely, you will need to break 44 to win. You don't need low 44s to qualify, The olympic standard is around 45.5s to qualify.

What is a qualifying olympic mile time?

This question is moot because the mile is not an Olympic event. The closest in distance is the 1500m.

What is a qualifying 1500m time for Olympics?

In 2008, the qualifying time for the 1500m was separated into two categories: A standard = 3minutes 39 seconds B standard = 3minutes 43 seconds An "A" standard time will get you an automatic entry, a "B" standard will only get you in the event if there are not enough A standard athletes registered to run the event. The qualifying period is usually open for around 6 months prior to the games.

What does SQS stand for in track and field?

SQS = State Qualifying Standard

How did Ka Ming Leung get into the Olympics?

He placed well enough in a regional Olympic qualifying event to be given the opportunity to compete in the Olympic Games themselves.

How do you get in the Olympics?

You need to get up to the qualifying standard, which means intense training. You also need to get with a team and attend all the qualifying rounds and do well in them.

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