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Any National Olympic Committee is permitted to enter 3 athletes for a single event if they meet A qualification standard or only 1 athlete per event if they meet B qualification standard. For women's 800 meters run A time was 1:59.90 and B time was 2:01.30 for 2012 summer Olympics.

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Q: What is the qualifying time for the womens olympic 800m run?
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What is qualifying olympic womens 800m time?

1.59.50 :)

Who won the womens 800m swimming in 2008 olympic games?

Rebecca Adlington of Australia in a world record time of 8:14.10.

Is volleyball the only womens Olympic sport at the time?

Yes, it is he only girl olympic sport at the time

What is the world record time in the women's swimming 800m freestyle?

The current short course womens' world record for 800m is 8:04.03 by Alessia Filippi. This equates to a swimming speed of 1.65 m/s or 5.95 km/h or 3.71 miles/hr

What was Rebecca Adlington's record time in the women's 800m freestyle 2008 Olympic final?

Rebecca Adlington's time of 8:14.10 in the finals of the women's 800 meter freestyle was an Olympic record and a world record.

What was the winning time for the womens 1996 Olympic 100 meters dash?

Gail Devers of USA won in 10.94s

What is qualifying for the olympic 100 meter dash in the US?

In order to qualify to run the 100 meter dash in the Olympics and represent the United States, a sprinter must qualify to run in the U.S. Olympic trials which means you have to run a qualifying time in order to be eligible to participate in the trials. The qualifying time must be a result of an electric timer (accutrack time) no hand held times are allowed for qualification for this event. Then you have to place in the top three in the finals of the 100 in the trials in order to quaify to represent the U.S. in the 100 meters in the Olympics.

Who won gold in the womens 200m 2012 olympic games?

Allyson Felix from the United States won the gold with a time of 21.88

Who won womens marathon in the 2000 Olympics?

Naoko Takahashi of Japan in a time of 2:23:14, the current Olympic record.

What baseball player married two-time olympic womens soccer gold medal winner mia hamm in 2003?

Nomar Garciaparra

What is the Olympic A standard?

The A Standard is the "automatic" qualifying time for an event. The B Standard is the backup qualifying time. To be guaranteed a spot in an Olympic event, you must both earn a slot from your country (number of slots may vary by event and by country) and have achieved the A standard. If there are not enough participants around the world who have qualified that way, then competitors with B Standard times may be added to "make the event competitive."

What was kelly Holmes best time at 800m?