What is a lib in cheerleading?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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A Liberty (lib) is a one-legged elite stunt. Flyers/top girls will stand on one leg (usually the right leg) and bring the opposite leg up so the toe of that foot is at the same height of the base knee. That main base (the person directly under the leg the flyer is standing on) will hold the flyer's foot in the same manner they would for a prep/extension. The assistant/secondary base will use one arm (right arm if the flyer is standing on her right foot) to help support under the foot, and the other to help support the main base's front arm. The back-spot uses both hands to help lift the flyer's ankle. Remember to never try new stunts without following the proper progressions, and to always have adequate mats/spotting.

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Q: What is a lib in cheerleading?
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