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it's a space between freethrows and basket, usually colored different

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Q: What is a key in basketball?
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What shape is the key in basketball?

the shape of the key on a basketball court is a semicircle

Why is the paint was called the key in basketball?

Because the in international basketball it is the shape of an old style key hole

How big is the key in basketball?


What is penalty for standing in the key in basketball?

The penalty is 3 seconds in the key.

Which sport has a three in the key rule?


How long can you spend in the key in basketball?

if your on offense then you can only be in the key for three seconds

How wide is the key in basketball?

12 feet wide.

What is the key in basketball?

The top of the 3 point line

What part of a basketball court is in the shape of a trapezium?

the key

What is the other name for the box in basketball?

the paint, or the key

Where is the best angle to shoot a basketball from?

From the top of the key.

Where is the place that 3 seconds apply in basketball?

In the key.

How long is a high school key for basketball?


What is the color is the key in basketball?

It depends what the court colored it.

What are some basketball related words that begin with the letter K?

key (area on the basketball court)

How long can an offense player be in the key in basketball?

In the NBA, they can only stay in the key for three seconds.

What is two more names for a key?

The two other names for the key in basketball is the lane and the paint

How long are you able to stay in the key in basketball?

3 seconds.

What is the name of the area under the net in basketball?

Key :D

How many seconds are you allowed in the key in basketball?

Three Seconds

How do you turn on the light in a basketball gym with no key?

u cant

How do you get three points in basketball?

If it is outside the key you get three points.

How long is the restricted zone in basketball?

the zone inside the key

What do you call the area underneath the basket in basketball?

The post or key.

What is the length of the key in a basketball game?"