What is a jammed paintball?

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A jammed paintball is a paintball that did not go into the feedneck properly OR it is usually a paintball that is broken a little bit and breaks in the barrel. i suggest taking a squeegee to the field to clean youre Save barrel if needed.

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Q: What is a jammed paintball?
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How do you adjust velocity on a Cybrid paintball gun?

you see the little un-jammer button you pull out when your is jammed pull that out and then fire.

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Firstly paintballs break and you need squeegees to clean the barrels or else they'll get stuck or just go a few feet. Secondly if you don't clean it monthly with the oil that usually comes with the gun your paintballs will curve more or not go as far. Thirdly there is less of a chance of your paintball gun getting jammed.

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