What is a hurkey?

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A "hurkey" is a jump where one extended leg goes in front of you and one extended leg goes behind you. often used in gymnastics or Cheerleading. Info from:

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Q: What is a hurkey?
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Picture of cheerleading hurkey?

See the related link for a picture of a hurkey in cheerleading.

What is a Hurkey jump?

A "hurkey" is a jump where one extended leg goes in front of you and one extended leg goes behind you.

In cheerleading what are the parts of a jump?

There are toe-touches or russians, left hurkey/hurdler, right hurkey/hurdler, left front, right front, and a pike

What rhymes with jerky?

Turkey, quirky, hurkey, murky, perky

Who is the hurkey named after?

Lawrence Herkimere. He is the person who invented the herkie jump. He named it after himself.

What are the top 10 dangerous cheerleading stunts?

69. wombat. spoom. hurkey jurkey......

What are the jumps for cheer?

1.) toe touch 2.)hurkey 3.)front hurdler 4.)side hurdler 5.)pike 6.)straddle 7.)tuck 8.)straight 9.)double nine 10.)spread eagle most common are toe touch, hurkey, pike, & hurdler.

Ok your right hurkey is pretty good but your left hurkey sucks you know you can do it its just your left leg wont turn right thefore it looks like and awful left hurdler what can you do to make it bet?

practice front splits starting with your left leg, and left extensions. Keep trying and use your leg muscles to pull up higher. keep practicing

Who invented the hurkey?

The proper spelling would be Herkie, after the 'founding father of cheerleading' Lawrence "Herkie" Herkimer, the man who created the jump. He had many firsts in the world of cheerleading.

How can you perfect your hurkey in cheerleading?

Okay, stand facing a wall about a foot away. Then put your leg as high as it can go against the wall. Or just stretch out your legs with splits, etc.

How do you do a hurkey and pike for cheerleading?

okay so first off you must streatch for them *hurkey streatching* touch your toes on separate feet and circle your ankles. Do regular streatches like you do in gym. *Pike streatching* also do regular gym streaches but there is a GREAT streatch to do! it is called a pike sit down on the ground put both feet out together and point your toes then reach down and grab your arch in your feet and hold it there. *Tips* if you can't touch your toes then reach your hands up in the sky and inhale then reach for your toes as you exhale. OKAY SO NOW WE MOVE ON TO DOING THE JUMPS. *hurkey* while doing a right/left hurkey. your leg that you decide to use right/left is extended. then the other leg is bent backwords while in the air. If you have trouble getting height in your jump then do wolf jumps which are mini hurkeys or practice your hurkey on a trampoline if possible! *pike* when doing a pike, you are doing a pike streatch all over again exept you are keeping your hands in fists instead of on your feet. to get higher practice doing them non stop in the air without any perfection. just think about your height while you do this. Video taping yourself is also a helpful tip because then you know what it is you have to work on.! =) HELP- if you need more help I would visit if you have acess to that. Good Luck on your Jumps and I hope this helped! Don't worry about it if you can't get it right away! I am a cheerleader and it took me awile to learn these jumps too. so have fun!!!!!!! enjoy! Miss.Cheerleader

What should you know for cheerleading?

If you want to cheer, you can sign up to do All-star, and learn everything you need to know. For school, they will tell you what you need to know. here are some things most cheerleaders generally know. Jumps- Toe-Touch, Pike, Hurkey, Hurdler Stunts- Basic skills, such as preps extension, and basket tosses Motions Basic tumbling

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