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its like a wrap check. you are running behind them and you wrap your stick around to the front of them and hit their stick.

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Q: What is a helicopter check in lacrosse?
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How do you string a lacrosse net?

Check out Youtube.

What forms of checking are legal in box lacrosse?

Body Check, Stick Check. Playing without a stick is also allowed in Box Lacrosse but not in field lacrosse. Cross checking is legal in Box, but not from behind. Poke checking is illegal.

How many canadians play lacrosse?

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How do you check lacrosse transmission level?

You don't, it is a sealed transmission.

Do you tackle in lacrosse for girls?

No, their is no hitting in girls lacrosse. You can "check" the head of the stick if it is below their shoulders other than that you cant touch them

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Can you check the stick with your stick in an upward direction toward the face in lacrosse?

No in womens lacrosse. I'm fairly certain you can in mens because the face is protected.

What channel is Lacrosse on?

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What helicopter can carry the most civilians?

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Why do women's lacrosse players not wear a helmet?

womens lacrosse players dont wear a helmet cause they dont have to. In womens lacrosse, you cant do any body checks and you can only check the stick if its away from their head... so theres no need.

How do you play defense on someone faster in a lacrosse game?

Mark her and her stick get in front of her or him and do an down check no up check whistle blowed

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