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someone answer this question!... stupid English essay...

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 13:36:37
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Q: What is a good way to compare soccer with your personality?
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Are England good at soccer?

no way

What are some good thesis statements on soccer?

My opinion on soccer is that is a really fun sport and a good way to have fun.

What is a good way to end an essay about soccer?


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There are many ways to improve your personality. A good way to improve your personality is to be happy all the time.

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be good at soccer & go to try outs

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Soccer is an inexpensive way to allow large numbers of kids to participate in group sports.

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way better then everyone in the world

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You can say, they are a really good person at times, but when it comes to there personality it's not so good. So be aware if you disapprove of there personality.

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The only way I can see a relation is that in both a soccer team and a cell every part is vital and without every single part it cannot work properly.

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A table.

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