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A back heel

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Q: What is a good soccer move to use with your back turned?
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Is soccer or cross country worse for your lower back and hip muscles?

Probably soccer, because you move in different directions a lot.

Who invented the soccer hocus pocus move?

It was ronaldinho he was first person to use it back when he played with gremio

What if you are kind of good in soccer?

move to a footballing nation/continent ie south America or Europe

What is Cristiano Ronaldo's favorite soccer move?

Cristiano Ronaldo's favorite soccer move is the cross over.

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How is friction useful in soccer?

its used to move the soccer ball

How can a car move back and not be turned on?

it could maybe roll down if you are parked on a high hill. thanks for listening!

What soccer team does kaka play for in 2011?

This Footballing Wonder Is Currently At Real Madrid But is Looking For A Move Back To AC Milan.

Is a soccer ball an object that moves?

no,because you need your movement to make the ball move and a soccer ball cannot move because it is a kinetic energy it needs force to move.

How and where did soccer move?

Not a complete question!

What is soccer short for?

Soccer is not an abbreviation, therefore it is not a shortened word. The word is soccer. But it is derived from Association Football, which is the original name. The word "soccer" is used in America and Australia, among other countries where there is more than one code of football. There is a move in Australia to get back to using the original word "football".

Who are in consant move during a soccer game?

The person that is in constant move during any soccer game has to be the Referee. These individuals have to be everywhere the ball is.

What was Pele's favorite soccer move?

Im pretty sure pele's favorite soccer move is the bicycle kick. One day he was playing a game and just pulled out of no where the move and scored a goal. Pele is famous for the move.

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What is the best move ever in soccer?

The best move ever is the bysikle kick

What is pull back in soccer?

The pull back is you are moving with ball in one direction and place your foot on top of the ball and quickly drag it back towards you if a defender is not allowing you to move forwards and you want to quickly change directions.

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What is the most popular soccer move?

The most popular soccer moves is probably the stepover or the v-turn

What is a wingback position on a soccer team?

A Wing back Is Someone Who Plays At e.g: Right Back (RB) But Also Has A Secondary Role In Which They Move Upfield And Attack As A Winger Would Do...i.e: David Beckham

What if your parents let you move out when your sixteen and then want you to move back do you have to go back?

Its your decision. You can either move back or stay.

Is a forward a defender in soccer?

No. A forward is an attacker. They are moving forward or to the front of the positions of teams. Forwards can at times move back to help defend, but their primary role is to attack.

What does the wink do in soccer?

If someone makes a 'wink' while playing soccer, it means that they are giving teammates a signal that they are about to fake a move.

Is the cruyff soccer move named after joahn cruyff?


What do you do after u18 in soccer?

You then move into the under 21 group in football.