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I have had many, but the best would have to be an almost impact deck with a 7.6 to a 7.75 width. (opinion)

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โˆ™ 2010-11-26 05:21:50
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Q: What is a good skateboard deck?
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Is alien workshop a good skateboard deck?

It is the second best tech deck brand.

Why is it good if a skateboard has good pop?

the better the pop on a skateboard deck, the higher you will go when you ollie, kickflip or do any flip trick :)

Is a shaun white skateboard good?

yes a shaun white skateboard is good. tough grip, trucks, wheels. and deck. nothing is wrong with it

What are some good names for a skateboard deck brand?

what about lush

Is girl a good skateboard brand?

Girl is the best deck brand out there.

Is the Element Rasta Burn Skateboard Deck any good?

No element boards are good they are to heavy

Is 7.63 size skateboard trucks good for a 7.5 deck?

yea bro do it

Can 7.75 skateboard trucks fit on a 8.0 skateboard deck?

A: You Could but You couldn't primo flip and stuffA: Not a good idea. Your trucks should be the same width as your deck.

What is the bottom of a skateboard called?

The bottom of a skateboard is called a Deck .

What do you call the bottom of a skateboard?


Is the Zero New Blood skateboard Deck good?

An awesome board it should last you a while

Can 775 skateboard trucks fit on a 788 skateboard deck?

yeah bro they will fit smaller trucks are good for wider boards man just skate it up

What ia a tech deck?

A tech deck is a miniature skateboard.

What does 7.5 mean for a skateboard?

7.5 is the width in inches of the skateboard deck.

Is a tech deck harder or a skateboard?

If you can skateboard, tech deck would be very, very, very...(you get what I say) easy, but if you can do tricks on tech deck it would be easier than just jump on skateboard straight away. Hoped I helped!

How do you make your own skateboard deck?

very carefully you have to be a good wood worker to get the curvature of the wood right.

How do you buy a good skateboard?

its cant be perfect but try to buy one with a durable deck, strong trucks and wheels.

What is the best skateboard deck?


Where can you get a free skateboard deck online?


Skateboard deck size?


Are Flip skateboards any good?

ITS GOING TO BE MY BIRTH DAY OCTOBER 24 I tryed a flip it was very good and that's the skateboard deck im getting.Never get world industries i got one but its squeaquy.I tryed jarts skateboard but is a euoepian skatebrand its good

How can you tell if a Tech Deck skateboard is fake?

there is no such thing as a fake tech deck

Is redstar a good skateboard brand?

Redstar is a great skateboard brand. I have been skating redstar for like a month and it is great. I have redstar wheels trucks and deck and they all work really well!

What is a pro deck skateboard?

A pro deck is a skateboard that has been designed by a pro skater. If the skater is getting good publicity for his company then they might ask whether he wants a pro board. A pro board normally comes by itself, without griptape, trucks, wheels, bearings or hardware.

How can you improve it the skateboard?

Um for the wheels put some WD 40 on the bearings. The deck get some bullet griptape. And you are good.