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Really any Basketball that has the label "Indoor/Outdoor basketball" should be fine.

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Q: What is a good outdoor basketball?
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How much does it cost to make a outdoor basketball court?

The cost to make a outdoor basketball court can range from under $100 to over $10,000. The cost will vary greatly depending on the materials and type of outdoor basketball court being made.

What kind of basketball best for outdoor basketball court?

an orange one

What is the Cost for outdoor basketball court?

what is the minimum cost of out door basketball courts

What is the minimum ceiling height of an outdoor basketball court?

An outdoor court is unlikely to have a ceiling.

Can basketball be an indoor and outdoor games?


Indoor and outdoor games?

basketball is an indoor game.

Where would I go for some good outdoor activities for kids?

Some of the funnest outdoor activities for kids are sports. Some sports they can play outdoors are soccer, football, basketball, lacrosse, baseball, and street hockey.

What kind of sports are there in an outdoor sports?

in outdoor sport like football ,volley ball ,basketball ,cricket etc are outdoor sport. because the are played outside.

how do you want to better your basketball stats?

In the winter time it is very easy for me to practice basketball outdoor. I don't have many things to do in this season, so I can go outdoor to play basketball and make as much points as I need to score. I can make it happen by practices.

Outdoor activity that starts with a B?

Baseball, Basketball, Badminton,

Where to find an outdoor basketball court?

around a city park?

What kind of sport is basketball is it an indoor or outdoor or both?

It is Both

How much would it cost to build a basketball court?

Depending on what you want to build. A indoor basketball court or outdoor court. (indoor)$100,000 or less (outdoor)$20,000 or less.

Can you play an outdoor basketball indoor?

no, it would be indoor basket you cant play outdoor anything indoors

What is the best indoor outdoor basketball?

I like the Wilson Ultra ball. It has a good bounce and breaks in nicely, but the best part is the feel. Because of its sponge rubber underlayer, it has and indoor feel but wears like an outdoor ball. Easily the best indoor/outdoor ball that I have ever used.

What is the difference of running shoes from basketball shoes?

Running shoes are shoes exclusively for outdoor activities like jogging. While basketball shoes are shoes that can be used both indoor and outdoor activities like inside a basketball gym and sometimes it can also be used outside when there's basketball arena/field around.

Is basketball indoor or outdoor?

Both it just depends on where the court is, but you can play in and out.

How much does an indoor outdoor basketball cost?

about 20-30 dollars

What indoor and outdoor ball game originated in Canada in 1896?


Is Basketball and Netball a outdoor sport?

Basketball and Netball are usually played as an indoor sport, however yes they can also be played outside.

What does a good basketball shoe have in it?

good basketball foot....

What is the cheapest outdoor basketball court?

Your trash can, a ball of paper, and your drive way

What do you think about an outdoor coffee table?

An outdoor coffee table is good for your yard. It is a good idea to put an outdoor coffee table. Drinking coffee with your coffee table is a good leisure.

What kind of sports are there in an outdoor sport complex?

Usually there are football/soccer fields and/or baseball fields at a complex. At times there are outdoor basketball courts too.

Is this a good deal on outdoor furniture?

Outdoor furniture is expensive so $500 is a good deal for a set if its good quality. Wal Mart does have cheap outdoor sets but they're not that great of quality.