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Some of the best runners are around the 18 minute mark and below.

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Q: What is a good 5k run to get into a college for women cross country?
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How many years of college does it require to be a cross country runner?

running doesn't require a college degree.... you just have to be good at running

Is sorel footwear good for cross-country running?

No, sorel footwear is not good for cross-country running. It is not good because the company only manufactures boots. Boots are not ideal for cross-country running.

What is a good mile time for women's cross country?

I would say a good time for a woman to run just a mile cross country would be around 6 minutes. A good split for a three mile would be 7 minutes.-------------------------------------------- It depends what shape you are in. I am a teenager and it literally takes me only 4-6 minutes to run 1 whole mile. But I am in REALLY good shape for I have ran cross-country and track for 2 years.

Who are very good at cross-country skiing?

Canada and Norway, although, pretty much all winter sport countries have good cross country skiers.

What is a good breakfast for cross country running?

weatbix :)

What all sports are offered at wvu?

Baseball, Men's and Women's Basketball, Women's Cross Country, Football, Gymnastics, Rowing, Rifle, Men's and Women's Soccer, Men's and Women's Swimming, Women's Tennis, Women's Track, Volleyball, and Wrestling.

What companies do cross country auto transport?

Companies that provide 'Cross Country Auto Transport Services' are for example 'National Transport LLC' and 'Cars Direct'. Another good company is 'Cross Country car shipping'.

Why are Mexicans good at cross country?

Because it is the number one sport in Mexico

What surfaces are good for running on with spikes?

There is different types of surfaces for different spikes: track for track spikes cross country for cross country spikes

Is being top runner on varsity good for cross country?

yes that is very good but there are also a number of factors to consider such as what school you go to, what your times are, etc. But judging from my past experiences in cross country that is very good.

What are some good Mizuno wave kaze 5 running shoes on sale?

There are few types of Mizumo wave kaze 5 on sale. There are Mizuno Wave Kaze 5 Women's Cross Country Running Shoes and Mizuno Wave Kaze 5 Cross Country Spike which are for men. You can get them on ebay and in trivillage.

Is WVU a good place to meet women?

It's a college. All colleges are great places to meet women.