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Rule of thumb marks for youth 100 meters- boys

Age Excellent Good Needs Improvement

<10 14.5 15.6 16.6

<12 13.9 14.2 15.7

<14 12.5 12.7 13.0

<16 11.0 12.0 12.2

<18 10.4 11.4 11.6

These times are based on athletes wanting to compete at the highest levels. Very few 10 and under and 12 and under runners compete at the 100 meter distance it is better to factor these times down to 40 meter splits or better yet for common American 40 yard splits>

Rule of thumb marks for youth 200 meters boys

age Excellent Good Needs inprovment

<10 29.0 32.0 35.0

<12 26.5 29.0 32.0

<14 24.5 26.0 28.0

<16 22.9 24.2 25.9

<18 21.5 23.2 24.6

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for the 100:

16's and above: bad

14-15: average

13 and below: good/ can place in a meet

for the 200:

30 and above: bad

28-29: average

27 and below: good/can place in a meet

(times in seconds)

i personally run middle school track and consistantly rank first overall for girls with a 13.2-13.5 time in the 100 and i usually get 3rd in the 200 with a 28 time

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Around a 24-28 seconds on 200 meter dash is a good time.

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A good time to run it in is ....

* a girl = 12/13 seconds for a 100 and about 26/27 in 200m

* a boy = 10/12 seconds for a 100 and about 23/25 in 200m

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Q: What is a good 100m and 200m time for a freshman in high school?
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boys 100m: under 11.8 boys 200m: under 24.5 seconds girls 100m: under 13 sec girls 200m under 27 sec. These are not outstanding times but are average to above average

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if u mean high school freshman then that is insane

What is a good time for a girl in High school to run the 200m dash?

Excellent 25.0-25.9 Very good 26.0-26.9 Good 27.0-27.9 Fair 28.0-28.9 Poor 29.0-29.9 Very poor 30.0+ This can also change according to your age. For example is you are a freshman or sophomore "Good" or "Very Good" would be considered "Excellent".

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My daughter is eleven she does 200m in just under thirty seconds (best in her grade) and so for you a great run is twenty fiveish. My daughter is not a great sprinter she is second best and she does fifteen seconds for 100m but if you are really good you should be able to do thirteen or fourteen (on esecond difference in 100m is a lot)! Good luck

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