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Just a bag. Can be a tour bag, stand bag or carry bag.

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Q: What is a golfers bag called?
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Related questions

A person who carries a golfers bag?

This person is called a caddy.

Who carries a golfers' bag?

Their caddy.

What is the saying - 14 C in a G B?

14 Clubs in a Golf Bag

What is a golfers assistant called?

A golfer's assistant is called a caddy. A caddy is paid by golfer. Most professional golfers have caddies.

A person who carry the golfers bag in golf course?


What is a golf staff bag?

A staff bag is a golf bag like the ones Professional golfers have their caddies carry for them. They usually have a lot of pockets and a 9.5 or 10.5 inch top.

What is a golfers cry called?


What is a golfers partner called?


What clubs do top pro golfers use?

Professional golfers use whatever clubs they want, some of the newer pros use whatever club manufacturer they are signed with. The brands are mainly Taylormade, Titleist, Ping, Callaway, Wilson. Just because a pro has a manufacturer on the bag, doesn't mean they have the clubs in the bag.

A person who carries a golfers clubs what are they called?

A caddy.

What is a golfers 2 wood?

It's called a brassie.

What is a golfers first shot called?

tee off

What is a person who carries a golfers clubs called?

A caddy.

What is a person that carries golfers clubs called?

a caddie

What do you call someone acting as a golfer's assistant?

Caddy these guys only really help professional golfers that are on the tour

Can a golfer use another golfers club?

In my experience, unless you know exactly what you're doing, most golfers like to buy their own golf clubs. however, there are tons of other options for golfers. I'd check out some of the links I'm attaching for gift ideas. There's everything from golf bag, rags, pins, gloves. It's unlimited.

Does the brand of golf bag have to match clubs?

No it doesn't. Most times we golfers find a bag we like that has the pockets, storage areas, etc. and throw our clubs in it. It may be a Titelist bag and have Calloway clubs in it. That goes for the pros also. Usually they use a bag with their sponsor's logo, but they play another sponsor's clubs.

Name of the area that golfers tee off from?

It is called the tee box.

What is a person that carries golf clubs for golfers?

They're called the 'Caddy'.

What is a soldiers canvas bag called?

A soldier's canvas bag is called a duffle bag.

What are the people called that carry the scorecard in golf?

Official Card-Carrying Golfers

What is the golfers assistant called?

Caddy (or caddie)

How many golf clubs does the average golfer need?

You are permitted to carry 14 clubs in your bag, including your putter. Most golfers carry the allowed 14.

What is the bag for archery called?

The 'bag' arrows are carried in is called a quiver.

What is the Total number of golfers in the world?

I am curious, does anyone know how many golfers there are in the world? Where is the largest concentration of golfers.