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do you mean what is it called?

front tuck (tucked position)

front pike (piked position)

front layout (stretched position)

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Q: What is a front flip without using hands?
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Is a front flip with or without hands?

walkovers are WITH hands flips are WITHOUT hands

Is a back flip with or without hands?

A back flip can be either with hands or without hands. A back hand spring is with hands, and a back tuck is without hands.

What is a back flip without using hands?

its called a back handspring tuck

How can you tell if you can do a no-hand front flip without trying to do one?

a real flip doesn't allow hands. you're probably thinking about walkovers, which basically requires one or two hands.

What is the difference between a flip and an aerial?

A flip is forward almost like a sumersalt in the air and an aerial is a cartwheel in the air (without using your hands).

How are you supposed to do a front flip?

get on the ground put both hands on ground push with all your force and you flip

What is the difference between a front flip and a front tuck?

There is not a big difference.In a front flip, you do not have to tuck in your feet/calfs, however with the front tuck, your hands have to be wrapped around your feet and bottom part of your legs. So, a front tuck would be a bit easier for some people, and a front flip would be easier for other people.

What is a gymnastics trick that starts with the letter a?

One gymnastics' trick is an Aerial, a flip without using any hands at all. It is not at all like a front tuck or back tuck, more like a roundoff/cartwheel without any hands. It's awesome and fun to do.Fantalicious123Sources: A gymnast!

Which is easier on the trampoline a front flip or a back handspring?

definitly a back hand spring if you arent scared to go backwords For me it would be a front flip. Even though I can do both I just got my front flip first. For me on my back hand spring I had the fear on falling on my head, but in a front flip if you chicken out or mess up all you have to do is put your hands down. But everyone is different. :)

What is a double front in gymnastics?

A double front is a double front flip. However, you should not try this without an experienced coach

Is it easier to do a front flip or a back flip?

Front flip

Where could someone learn how to do a front flip?

One can learn how to do a front flip by first watching videos online or learning from others who can do the front flip. It is easier to first learn how to do a front flip on a trampoline and then practicing the front flip off a gymnastic block. Once you are comfortable with those, then you can try doing a front flip on the gym floor.

How can you retrieve a coin from the bottom of a jar without your hands entering the jar?

You flip the jar upside down.

What is a salto in gymnastics?

A salto in gymnastics is a flip in which your hands are not used. Front and back saltos are perfomed in tucked, piked, and layout positions.

What is easier doing front flip then swim or on the land?

Front flip then swim

How do you flip without a wall?

Using body muscle might help. Try to run then use chest and leg muscles to jump and push to flip.

How do you flip the front camera on my tablet?

To flip the front camera on your tablet simply tap on the front camera twice.

How do you front flip on grass?

flip and then turn

What is easier on a snowboard front flip or back flip?

back flip because you have to prepare more for a front flip and its alot easier going up hill while trying to do your backflip

How do you convert a JK flip flop to D flip flop without using any gates?

You cannot. one is a master and a slave the other will follow data with the clock.

How do you flip an array without using flip function in PHP?

Use a for-loop starting at the length of the array and go backwards and build up a new array with the values.

Back hand spring?

A back handspring is a back flip with hands. In other words you jump back and flip yourself backwards with you hands and land on your feet

How do front flip at Nintendogs?

If your dog loves you and you spend alot of time on it, it might do a front of my dogs done a back flip...and beg...ALL BY ITSELF.....anyway, good luck with the front flipo....:P

Is Taylor Lautner double jointed?

He can do a back flip and a front flip.

How could you do a front-flip and a back-flip at the same time?