What is a force out in the NBA?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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A force out in "player foul" terms, is when a player pushes the player with the ball out of bounds. In other words, they are "forcing out" the player with the ball. This is illegal in the NBA.

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A baserunner may lose his right to occupy a base when a batter becomes a baserunner. The original baserunner could be thrown out when forced to advance, this becomes a force out.

Example: Baserunner on first, batter hits a ground ball, the baserunner on first must try to advance, so the batter may try to advance to first, should a fielder field the ground ball and throw to another fielder at 2nd base, who then tags the base for the out, this is a force out of the runner who originally occupied first base.

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Putting out a runner who is forced by the batter to move to the next basse.

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Q: What is a force out in the NBA?
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