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no they are paid to ref by the NBA so they follow the NBA rules

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Q: Are NBA officials independent of the NBA?
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Does NBA officials get a timeout?


Are there any elected officials from the Independent party in the House of Representatives or in the Senate?

Are there any elected officials from the Independent party in the House of Representatives or in the Senate?

How many game officials are there for a regular season NBA game?


What are the offiacials in basketball?

The officials in a basketball game are the men or women that call the game, they are the ones that call fouls, call out violations, and maintain the game. They are also called referees. In the NBA they usually wear a grey NBA shirt with sweatpants. There are at least three refs/officials at every NBA game

When were officials added to the game?

The NBA was founded in 1946. Then the American Basketball Association was founded in 1967 and changed some rules of the game and officials were added.

Are there any elected officials from the Independent party in the House of Represenatives or in the Senate?


Who are the officiating officials of basketball?

Basketball officials are called referees. In the NBA there are three referees assigned to each game. One referee is referred to as the Lead or Head Referee.

What officials basketballs are used in the nba?

leather coated high rised masterpeises Muah

Why did the NBA use the three point system?

Early in the NBA, no one has thought of shooting from downtown because it is far and has the equal point compared to post shots. The commisioner and staff of nba wants to test the players long range shot and found it very interesting to watch. It started to impress the officials when Jerry West hit a half court shot.

Who are the officials in the 100m sprint?

there are the officials who are the officials to be official

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I Wanna Be Like Mike The Story of the New NBA - 2007 was released on: USA: 19 September 2007 (SoCal Independent Film Festival)

How many referes are there in basketball matches?

Officials are usually referred to as referees, however generally there is one lead referee and one or two umpires, depending on whether there is a two or three person crew. In the NBA, the lead official is called the crew chief and the other two officials are "referees

What are the colors of a referees shirt in most American sports?

In American sports, the referees usually wear black and white striped shirts. In the NBA, the officials wear grey shirts.

What is the federal-republican system of Brazil and Mexico?

The same of the United States: all three countries are federations of independent states with a federal government of elected officials.

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In the NBA.

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Different states have different laws on primaries. You might check with your local voting officials or the League of Women voters.

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The Confederate States of America was never recognized as an independent nation by the US government. Therefore, in public documents, US officials frequently referred to the rebellious Southerners as "insurgents" in official government documents.

Does dodgeball have officials or umpires?


What are officials in badminton?

Officials are basically referees. There are usually 6 officials in a badminton game.

How many officials are in a game of football?

There are 7 officials. Signed by T.C.M.O.T.B. There are 7 officials. Signed by T.C.M.O.T.B. There are 7 officials. Signed by T.C.M.O.T.B.

Can you make it to the NBA without a high school diploma?

Never! Just because your good or think your good at basketball means the n.b.a. officials are going to pick you up on a silver platter! GET AN EDUCATION FIRST!

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On the US homefront, Americans had become increasingly distrustful of their government officials. On the Vietnamese homefront, the North and the South Vietnamese have become a unified and independent nation.

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Officials are voted on by the public or appointed by other officials who are themselves appointed by the public.

Which psp game is better NBA live 2007 NBA live 2008 or NBA live 2009?

nba live 2008 is good and nba live 2007 but nba live 2009 not that good

How do you get draft to the NBA on NBA 2k10?

In NBA 2k10, you must buy the "NBA 2K Draft Combine" Game, and upload your my player onto NBA 2K10.