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A fly out is technically any ball that is hit in the air and caught by a player in the field before it hits the ground or wall resulting in an out. There are different terms depending on where the ball is caught

'Fly out' is usually reserved for balls hit to the outfield and caught in fair territory by an outfielder

'Foul out' is a ball caught in foul territory for an out

'Popup' or 'Pop out' is used to describe a ball hit in the air and caught by an infielder

'Line out' is a ball that is hit hard without going very high into the air and is caught be any defender

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Q: What is a fly-out in Baseball?
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How many ways can you get out in a baseball game?

strikeout, groundout, flyout, tagout

What is fly out in baseball?

A flyout is when the defender catches the ball without the ball hitting the ground

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A putout in baseball is the person who has the ball when the out is made. example: on a strike out the putout goes to the catcher on a ground out to the 1st baseman the 1st baseman gets the putout on a flyout the one who catches the ball gets the putout

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What is an out in baseball?

According to MLB Rule 2.00: "An OUT is one of the three required retirements of an offensive team during its time at bat." There are many ways an out can be recorded. The three most common are the flyout, groundout, and strikeout: 1) Flyout: A batter hits the ball in the air that is caught by a defensive player before it hits the ground.2) Groundout: A batter hits the ball on the ground that is fielded by a defensive player and thrown to first base before the batter reaches first base.3) Strikeout: A batter accumlates three strikes before accumulating four balls or before hitting the ball and putting it into play. A strike is a pitched ball that the batter either swings at and misses or a pitched ball that the batter does not swing at but passes through the strike zone. A ball is a pitch that the batter does not swing at and does not pass through any part of the strike zone.Click on the 'Definition of Terms' link below to read the definitions of terms used in baseball.

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