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subtract 11.5 from 33 and you get 21.5, so that means the bat weighs 21.5 ounces and is 33 inches long.

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Q: What is a drop -11.5 on a 33 bat?
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What is a 33 drop 10 bat for softball?

It is a 33 inch 23 oz bat.

What is a drop 3 baseball bat?

a drop three means its like a 33 inch bat and 30 ounce bat and if you minuts 30 from 33 you get -3 which means drop three. I know because we use them in Junior High.

How does drop effect you swing in softball?

The drop is just the difference between the length of the bat and the weight of the bat. Ex: 33", 23oz bat = -10 (drop 10); 33", 24oz = -9 (drop 9) etc. All-in-all it just depends on how tall a person is and how much weight she can handle when swinging. A -9 would be heavier than a -10, but a -9 33" bat weighs as much as a -10 34" bat. So, if a bat is too heavy or too light it can negatively effect the hitter's swing.

What does bats on average are -10 mean?

A -# is referring to the drop of the bat. If a bat is 33 inches long and only weighs 23 ounces, the drop would be -10. This means the bat is ten inches longer than it is heavy.

What is the difference between a -10 and a -8 fast pitch bat?

The difference between these bats is the difference between the ratio of their weights and lengths. An example of a drop 10 bat you be on that is 33 inches in length and 23 ounces. A drop 8 bat would be 33 inches long, but weigh 25 ounces. Drop describes the ration between weight and length.

What does drop mean on softball bats?

It is the difference between the length of the bat and the weight, ie 33 in length and 23 oz weight, is a drop 10, or -10, 33 in length and 24 oz weight is a drop 9, or -9, etc.

What is drop on a softball bat?

The drop is the difference between the length of the bat and the weight of the bat. If you have a 32 inch bat and its weight is 22oz you have a -10 drop.

What is -12 on a baseball bat?

Bat Length Minus The Drop = Bat Weight "The Drop" is a common term for describing the weight of an aluminum bat. It is unique to aluminum and composite bats as the weight of a wood bat varies somewhat within each bat. The drop simply means you take the length of the bat and subtract the drop to determine the weight. For Example: The DeMarini CF4 is a -10 and is available in 31", 32", 33" and 34". Therefore, a 31" would weigh 21 ounces, a 32" would weigh 22 ounces and so on.

How is drop on a baseball bat determined?

The length of the bat minus the weight of the bat. (Length - Weight = Drop #)

What does -3 -5 -11 ect mean on a baseball bat?

That number (-3, -5) is called the bat 'weight drop' and is the difference in ounces of bat weight versus inches in bat length. For example, a 33 inch long bat that weighs 30 ounces is a -3. A 33 inch bat that weighs 28 ounces is a -5. A 34 inch bat that weighs 27 ounces is a -7.

Is a bat drop 8 lighter than a bat drop 10?

it depends what length the bat is. if you have a 30in. 20oz bat and a 31in. 19oz bat then no.

What is bat drop and how is it determined?

The drop of the bat is the difference between the length minus the weight. For example, if a bat is 33" long and it weighs 30 ounces, then the drop is -3. The drop of the bat varies in baseball, depending on the level of play. Little League doesn't have any regulations for the drop zone. Senior League baseball (ages 10 - 14) has a drop zone regulation of no lighter than -8. High school baseball has a drop zone regulation of no lighter than -3. College baseball has a drop zone regulation of no lighter than -3.

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