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A double is when the batter reaches second base on a hit ball.

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2008-10-15 23:50:14
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Q: What is a double in softball?
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How many innings are in softball double-headers game?

7 in each game--- 14 innings total is you are playing official softball

What defensive action results in 2 outs in softball?


Can a fastpitch softball 1st base mitt double as a fastpitch catcher's mitt?


What is a cycle in softball?

In baseball, it is when a player hits a single, double, triple and home run (in any order, but if in that order a natural cycle)in the same game, so it is probably the same thing in softball. It is the same in softball as well.

What does hitting a double mean in coed softball?

Hitting a double means that because of your hit you were able to advance two bases safely. it means the same thing in all type of softball. It also means the same thing in baseball.

Names of games with double letters in it?

football baseball softball volleyball basketball soccer

What is Natural cycle softball?

The natural cycle in softball is when a player hits a single, double, triple and then a home run. In baseball this has only been accomplished 5 times.

Who are the officials and what are their functions in softball game?

umpire judges if single, double, triple, strike, or ball

What positions touch the ball in softball on a 4-6-3 Double Play?

Second, Short and First

Why softball is better than softball?

They are the same thing!! "Why softball is better than softball?"

Why did they name softball softball?

They named it softball because the game of softball was derived from Baseball. The baseball had a hard core whereas the softball has a soft core, so they named it softball. Although the ball is not softball the core of the ball is soft.

What size softball is used for ASA coed slow pitch softball?

In coed asa softball a 12 softball inch for men and an 11 inch for women softball.

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