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A curve in a track in the sides of the track in which there is a slight curve. Following this is the straighaway. Often, you will see runners curve their bodies as they go around this turn.

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2009-10-25 20:12:11
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Q: What is a curve in track?
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How does running track relate to geometry?

For anything beyond 100 metres, a running track will need to go around a curve. The measurement of the track length along the curve requires knowledge of geometry.

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Why start on a curve in track and field?

If there was no curve to start on not everyone would be running the same distance. The curve has different starting lines on each lane to make sure this is evened out.

The source of the centripetal force that arises when a runner rounds a curve on a track is?


A race car is on an oval track When it approaches a curve from the straightaway the driver puts the car in neutral Will the car come out of the curve moving in the opposite direction?

No, the car will move along a tangent to the track where the driver has put the car in neutral.

What is the length of the two straight parts of the track?

On a 400m track, each straight length is 100m, as well as each curve is 100m, totaling 400.

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