What is a curling stone?

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A round flat bottomed stone use in the winter sport of Curling.

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Q: What is a curling stone?
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Where was the oldest curling stone found?

the oldest curling stone was used for the game of curling around 500 years ago.

What is the equipment called for curling?

The playing surface is called a "curling sheet."The stone that slides across the curling sheet is called the "curling stone."The brush used to sweep the ice in the path of the curling stone is called the "curling broom."Shoes worn during curling are called "Curling shoes" and are in two types, "sliders" and "grippers"

Is curling played by using a rock or a stone?

The thing that you throw in curling goes by the name of rock and stone, but more commonly stone.

What is the curling stone made from?


Is the curling stone smooth?


What is the curling stone used for?

The 41 pound curling stone is used for the Olympic curling game to knock the other stones out and to place the closest to the "home." if that doesn't answer your question Google it!

What is the weight of the curling stone?

19.5 Kg

Can a curling stone hurt a person?

Yes the stone can hurt you. A Russian in the Olympics fell over the curling stone as he was brushingThe Russian olympic player bashed his face and his shoulder!

What is a curling stone made of?

The stone is granite from Scotland. I'm not sure about the handle.

What is the weight of an olympic curling stone?

About 42 pounds.

What is the ball shaped thing in curling called?

A Stone

What is a curling disc made of?

A curling stone is made of granite and weighs between 38 and 44 lbs.

What winter Olympics event involves a broom and a stone?


What do you use for the ball in a sport of curling?

In curling you use a rock or stone for a "ball" that you throw across the rink to get points for your team.

Why is Curling called Curling?

When curlers "throw" the "stone", they put a slight spin on it. This spin causes the stone to "curl", or take a slightly curved path from one end of the sheet to the other.

How much does an olympic curling stone weigh in pounds with handle?

42 lbs.

How do you win the game curling?

By hitting your big toe when you throw the granite stone.

What is the physics of curling?

The transferrence of momentum from one stone to the other is a good example.

What is the object of curling?

To get your stone closest to the button in the house (the centre of the bullseye target).

Are you allowed to hit someone else's stone in curling?

yep, you can block also!

What do you do when competing in the sport of curling?

curling is a event in the winter Olympics where one takes a curling stone and slides it down a ice run way where he has two "sweepers" when he says sweep the literally sweep the ice causing friction slowing down the stone to either make it into the circles in the end of the run way or knock the opponents stone out of the way.

What special skills do you need for curling?

You need to thoroughly understand the rules of the game: From there, you need to be able to have precision in rolling the stone and/or skills to brush the stone into the proper location on the target.

Is there any other source of curling stone granite other than Wales?

In addition to the curling stone granite quarry in Wales, there is one other quarry on an island off the coast of Scotland called Ailsa Craig.

Does a curling ball have a handle?

Yes, they're also known as kettle balls. A curling stone is moved over the ice by means of a gooseneck handle on the top.

Is curling played by sliding a stone towards a target on ice?

The sport of curling is superficially similar to shuffleboard, except that the scoring is different, and there are players who can affect (steer) the stone by using brooms to brush the ice surface in front of it as it slides.