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Wicked Witches

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Q: What is a catchy title for girls basketball team?
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What is a good girls basketball team name?

I think the best name for a girls basketball team is Dunk Madness.

Was the first basketball team a group of boys or girls?


What is the girls basketball team called?

The netball team lol

Where was the first girls basketball team?

In America

Does upward basketball have a girls team?


Where does the apostrophe go in girls when talking about a basketball team?

I would say the apostrophe goes after the s in girls (Girls' Basketball Team). It is talking about a team that belongs to more than one girl.

What is the name of the Australian girls basketball team?

The Opals

Can girls be allowed to have their own basketball team?

YES, girls can do whatever guys can do.

How many players are in a girls basketball team?

15 Players

What is a good girls basketball team name for blue?


Basketball team names for girls?

Sparks, shock, or thunder.

What is the roster for the 1985 UNC Tarheels Men's basketball team?


What girls college basketball team won the championships in 2009?


Who coaches temple universities girls basketball team?

ray quamire

Why is there a girls basketball team?

because they have to have something to do other that complain about men.

What is a sentence for rift?

Because the girls basketball team and the boys basketball team can't decide on which gyms to use, there is a rift between the players.

How many girls are on a basketball team?

This depends on what girls basketball team we are talking about. In the WNBA, there are 11-12 players on a team. In college, around 10-12, and in high school, around 10-15.

What films were made about woman' basketball?

What film was made about an Oklahoma girls basketball team which won the state championship. What is the name of the town the girls were from and history

How many players on a girls basketball team?

same amount as boys FIVE

Which NCAA Basketball team has the best record?

girls- UCONN boys- Duke

What is a 8th grade Girls school basketball team size?

12 playas

What girls college basketball team won the championships in 2008?

Conneticut Huskies

Where does the buffalo defenders girls aau basketball team practice?

Mount St.Mary's

Do middle schools have a girls basketball team?

It depends on where you live, but generally, most do.

How good is University of Arkansas girls basketball team?

pretty dang great!!!!