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YES, girls can do whatever guys can do.

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Q: Can girls be allowed to have their own basketball team?
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Does Rich DeVos own a basketball team?

Yes he does, he own the Orlando Magice Team

What basketball team does Kanye own?

He doesn't.

Does Usher own any basketball team?


What basketball team does singer Usher own?


What basketball team has Micheal Jordon own?


What is defense in basketball?

Defense in basketball is when a team is on their own side of the court defending their basket, so that the other team does not score on them.

Should girls be allowed to play on boys' sports teams if no girls' team exists for that sport?

well partly yes because everybody of whatever sex should be aloud to play whatever sport they like but if it is a boys team then only boys should be aloud on it why not create your own girls team or change the existing team to a girls and boys team ? i hope you found my answer useful :)

What basketball team jay z own?

Part owner of the Nets

Which basketball team does usher own?

Usher is a co-owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

What happens if you score in your own basket in basketball?

Yes, it counts as a point for the other team if you score in your own basket. It has happened a few times recently in college basketball.

Does Michael jeffrey Jordan own a basketball team now?

yes he does the Charlotte bobcats

Can a college basketball player bet on his own team to win?

No, that is a violation of NCAA rules.

Why shouldn't boys and girls be on the same baseball team?

Sexist reasons, boys are thought to be tougher than girls so they get their own team

Why arent girls and boys allowed to play football in mixed teams after the age of 12?

It's for the girls own protection.

What does a safety in basketball do?

A Safety plays football. a safety has nothing to do with this basketball. If a safety did play in basketball (which it doesn't) it would probably guard its own net from the other team.

What teams did Jackie Robinson own?

He was the first African American to play on a major league team. He would not have been allowed to own a baseball team.

Who else own basketball team with jay z?

Some other important business men

How many people tried out for the baseball team in a league of their own?

girls tried out but I don't know how many girls

What is NBA Basketball?

NBA Basketball is an association called the National Basketball Association. In it people play basketball in a season on one of the 30 teams. The teams verse each other at one of their home courts. (Each team has there own court with the team name painted in the middle.)

What is correct He is allowed to do it at his own or He is allowed to do it on his own?

The correct sentence is He is allowed to do it on his own.

What are the job outlooks of becoming a pro basketball player?

He can do Coaching at Schools... He can Open His own Basketball club... He can Join NBA...or any team..just give a trial... Coaching Everywhere ,Promoting.. Can Make his own Team of Students or Teens & make them Professionals..

How many rappers own a basketball team?

i believe there are 3 rappers/singers who own a basketball team. Jay-z owns part of the New Jersey Nets, and Usher owns part of the Cleveland Cavaliers, and nelly is part owner of the Charlotte bobcats

Does Mark Cuban own a Goodwill Franchise?

No, Mark Cuban does not own a Goodwill franchise. However, he does own the Maverick's. The Maverick's are a popular US basketball team.

What basketball team does JayZ own?

He owns part of the New Jersey Brooklyn Nets

How much to own a NBA basketball team?

A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets just go with 100 millions of dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!