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A male Ballet dancer is referred to as a "danseur".

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Q: What is a boy known as in a ballet performance?
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What kind of cheer is acceptable after ballet performance?

Clapping and sometimes just normal cheering/ screaming in acceptable after a ballet performance.

Is ballet a famous event in Russia?

Ballet is not an event, it is an art form. A specific ballet performance is an event.

How do you say thank you for a ballet performance?

Send flowers and a note after a performance.

When was the first ballet show?

The first recorded performance of a ballet was in 1581, entitled Le Ballet Comique de la Reine, or the comic ballet of the queen.

What is ballet known for?

Ballet is known for the difficulty and grace in performing and dancing.

Name two famous Russian ballet companies?

Russian is known for its many ballet companies. The two most famous ballet companies in Russia are the Bolshoi Ballet and Mariinsky Ballet. The Mariinsky Ballet used to be known as the Kirov Ballet.

Why is spontaneity important to a performance?

It depends on the performance. There is very little spontaneity in a ballet.

Did a girl or a boy invent ballet?

Precursors invented ballet.

What is the meaning of a ballet variation?

A small chapter in a Ballet. One dance in a ballet performance. Look it up if you can't understand the meaning of VARIATION.

Which type of art is ballet?

A performance art

What is a ballet?

A ballet is a classical form of dance, or a theatrical performance of such a dance, usually with music and in the form of a story.

Similarities between African dance and Ballet?

Ballet dance and African dance are both performance dances.

What is a good sentence for the word ballet?

She has me interested in everything that has to do with ballet. The dancer excelled in ballet. I must leave now if I am to see the opening of tonight's ballet performance.

A person who controls the maneuvers of a ballet is known as?


By getting in a ballet class at the end is there like an event?

it depends on which ballet school you train at but most ballet schools work towards an end of year performance.

What are three best known forms of ballet?

i think the best known forms of ballet are chachetti, and russian.

What is a worldwide known ballet school?

Saugerties Ballet Center

How does bowser do ballet dancing in Mario bros?

Because he took ballet lessons as a boy

When was ballet created?

The first real ballet on record was staged in the year 1581. The grand performance was called Le Ballet Comique de la Reine.

Was Spandau Ballet a performance or a musical group?

it was a musical group. ====))))))

What is the name of a well known Russian Ballet Company?

Bolshoi ballet

Which dance is known as the Ballet of East?

Manipuri is called ballet of the east.

Is ballet for boys?

Ballet is for boys and girls. There are many famous boy ballerinas, and I know a lot of boys that take ballet.

Is it alright for a boy to wear ballet dresses?

NO, boys should not be wearing dresses in or out of ballet class.

Do male ballet dancers have to wear tights to perform?

Male ballet dancers are not obligated to wear tights for a ballet performance. However, it is worn for convenience and comfort when dancing as the dancer is agile.