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Ballet is not an event, it is an art form. A specific ballet performance is an event.

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Q: Is ballet a famous event in Russia?
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Which country is famous ballet?

Two of the most famous countries for ballet are France and Russia.

What countries is famous for ballet?

i think that it is russia........that is the most famous.....

Name two famous Russian ballet companies?

Russian is known for its many ballet companies. The two most famous ballet companies in Russia are the Bolshoi Ballet and Mariinsky Ballet. The Mariinsky Ballet used to be known as the Kirov Ballet.

Famous ballet company in Stpetersburg?

The Mariinsky Ballet is a classical ballet company based at the Mariinsky Theatre in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

When was ballet introduced to Russia?

Ballet was not introduced to Russia, that's where ballet started

Who started classical ballet?

Russia started ballet..............................

What dance has a french name but started in Russia?

The ballet was actually french, but was started in Russia

Were Does Ballet Come From?

Ballet originates mainly from France and Russia

What country did ballet begin?

Ballet began in France and Russia.

Where was ballet first originated?

Ballet was first originated in Russia

Who are some famous American ballet dancers?

He was born is Russia but spent most of his career in the states and he is absolutely amazing!

A famous ballet is Swan?

Swan Lake is a famous ballet by Tchaikowsky.

What country dances ballet the most?

Russia is the international center of Ballet

Which country the bolshol ballet from?


Where did ballet improve?

In Russia and in France

Most famous Christmas ballet?

The Nutcracker is the most famous Christmas ballet.

What is the name famous Christmas ballet?

The Nutcracker is the most famous Christmas ballet.

What is the name of the most famous Christmas ballet?

The most famous Christmas ballet is the Nutcracker.

In which country did the Nutcracker Ballet originate?


What has a french name that started in russia?

A Ballet

What region of the world was ballet created?

Ballet was created in Russia. the ballet dance moves are in french though. i hope that helps.

What is a famous ballet shoes?

pointe shoes? or ballet flats?

What famous ballet is located in Moscow?

The Bolshoi Ballet is in Moscow.

Top 10 ballet companies?

1. The bolshoi ballet (Russia,Moscow) 2. The mariinski ballet (Russia,St. Petersburg) 3. The tchaikovsky perm ballet (Russia,Perm) 4. The royal ballet(England, London) 5. New york city ballet (America) 6. Het national ballet (Netherlands) 7.Cork city ballet(Ireland) 8.Ballet de Cuba(Cuba) 9.Ballet Irealand(Ireland) 10.Irish youth Russian ballet(Ireland) are mine but there are no offical lists.

When did the ballet company 'Bolsheviks' last perform in Russia?

Bolsheviks is a very famous ballet company that was founded in the year 1953 and has preformed all over Russia and in many other countries around the world. The most recent Russian city that they preformed in is Saint Petersburg.