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yes penny is better!

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โˆ™ 2012-06-27 01:38:59
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Q: Is a penny better than a retro skateboard?
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Is a penny skateboard better than a mini cruiser skateboard?


Is a ripstik better than a penny skateboard?

anything is better than a ripstik... a 2x4 with rollerskate wheels taped to it is better than a ripstik.

Why is a penny board better than a normal skateboard?

because of the shortness of it you can turn easier and do better tricks and stuff. also they are cute and guys look hotter on a penny

Are the hyperdunks better than the Jordan Retro 6's?

The Jordan Retro 6's are better than the Nike Air Max Hyperdunks.

Is walmart skateboard wheels better than the mall skateboard wheels?


What is better blind skateboard or flip skateboard?

FLIP SKATEBOARDS R wayyy better than blind but try to get somethin even better like girl or baker

How do you make a retro better than Habplus?

you can't sorry :((

What skateboard is better than a jackhammer?

almost boards.

Is concrete better to skateboard on than tarmac?


Can coke clean a penny better than sprite?

coke cleans penny better

How do you make a skateboard turn better?

You can either loosen the bolt holding the trucks to the base of the board, or you can buy a longboard skateboard, which will turn a hundred times better than you could make any street skateboard turn.

Is a Blind skateboard better than a World Industries skateboards?

a world industries is better...according to me!

Which skateboard trucks are better Thunders or Independents Tell why pros cons of both and overall feel of truck?

Thunders skateboard trucks feel like a planking balancing on a point thus making it better than the Independents skateboard trucks.

What kind of board does jc caylen have?

If you mean like skateboard it's a penny board other than that I can't help you

Do males skateboard better than females?

Only if they practice more

Will bleach clean a penny better than vinegar?

vinegar actually,cleans a penny better than bleach,ur question is answered brittany!!

Are long boards better for beginners?

Better for beginners of what? If you want to longboard... learn on a longboardIf you want to skateboard... learn on a skateboardThey are quite different to ride, the principals are the same so if you can ride a longboard, you'll be able to ride a skateboard but you'll find doing tricks on a longboard is far harder than on a skateboard.

Which is better for a teen girl with rough roads penny or nickel?

Niclel is better than Penny for a teen girl with rough roads.

Is penny boards better than eightbit boards?

no the eightbit is thicker and long. that makes eight bit a lot better than penny boards and the eightbit is also cheaper!

Do soft skateboard wheels grip the ground better than the hard wheels?


Is a sole skate better than a penny board?


Is longboarding better than skateboarding?

If you want to do tricks, then get a skateboard , but if you just want to get to places, then get a longboard.

What is better than a element skateboard?

everything elements dont last dont waste your money on them

What type of style skateboard is good for tricks?

The original type of skateboard is much better than the other! It is very hard to do tricks on longboards and on plastic cruisers

Is a 8.0 size skateboard than a 7.5 size skateboard?

If your talking about which is better, basically it all depends on how big you are. Look up size charts for skateboarding on the internet. Also, wider boards are typically better for vert stuff. Narrower boards are better for flip tricks..