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Soccer by far.

The size of soccer fields are much bigger than Basketball courts. Also the shape that soccer players are in beats the shape of some basketball players one to none. occer players also play for a total of 90 minutes while in basketball it is 48 minutes. ( In soccer only 3 players can be switched out leaving 8 players on the field for the whole game, where as in basketball you can switched out at anytime.)

Soccer is a combination of speed, endurance, stamina, skill, and teamwork. It is also a sport that uses strategy, strength, and your mind to find the best pass or to get around a defender.

Basketball is more of upper arm strength and how the NBA stars look, soccer is played internationally.

Both sports take a lot of training and skill however soccer has many more long term benefits.

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Q: What is a better athletic sport soccer or basketball?
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Yes, but soccer is much better

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