What is a ball player?

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A ball player is a person who plays any form of ball game or sport, such as Baseball or Basketball.

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Q: What is a ball player?
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Which player gets credited with a steal in basketball the player who tips the ball or the player who grabs the tipped ball?

The player who tips the ball.

When is a player allowed to hit the volleyball twice?

If the player hits the ball, and the ball is blocked, that player may hit the ball again. Similarly, if the player blocks a ball, but it lands on the player's side of the court, that same player may touch the ball again.

What is man defense in basketball?

It is when one player has the ball and the other player tries to get the ball. So when the other get the ball that other player tries to get the ball.

What if golf ball hits another golf ball?

If player A has a golf ball on the green and player B hits a shot from off the green which hits player A's, there is no penalty, Player A replaces their ball as close as possible to where their ball was prior being hit, and player B plays their ball as it lies. However, if Player A has a ball on the green, and player B plays a shot on the green, if the balls collide player A must replace their ball and player B receives a two shot penalty and plays their ball as it lies.

When was Player's Ball created?

Player's Ball was created in 1992.

How is called when a basketball player has the ball and moves without the ball?

A player cannot both have and not have the ball.

If a player is out of bounds and another player throws the ball off him who is it out on?

The player that is out of bounds when the ball touches him.

Can you hit opponent ball to hit eight ball in?

No. In 8 Ball, a player is not allowed to hit an opponent's ball with the cue ball first, however the player may hit his ball first, THEN into an opponent's ball, to sink the 8 ball, so long as the player calls that combination.

What would happen if a player bumps into another in netball?

It depends, if neither player has the ball it is usually ignored unless it is obviously done by one player and then they will give the ball to the opposition in the place where the player was contacted. But when someone has the ball and is bumped into by another player, the player who ran into the person holding the ball is made to stand beside the player with the ball so she can take a free pass. Other players from the opposite team can mark the player with the ball but the player who contacted MUST stand beside and wait until her player has released the ball until she is able to move again. The player with the ball may choose to put the ball down and let someone else from her team take it depending on where they are the court.

Is it a foul ball if a player touches while in fair territory?

It is the position of the ball in relation to the foul line...NOT the player.

What is it called when a player drops the ball?

When a football player drops the ball, it is called a fumble if he had possesion of the ball, or an incomplete pass if a receiver fails to catch the ball.

How many seconds does a player have to get the ball in bounds?

A player has 5 seconds to get the ball in bounds.

How many times does a basketball player dribble the ball in a minute?

That depends on how fast the player is dribbling the ball. There is not an exact number on how many times a player dribbles the ball.

What does obstruction mean?

Obstruction is when a player puts their body between another player and the ball, giving themselves the advantage on the ball and preventing the other player from reaching the ball.

If tennis ball hits player when the player is out of bounds?

If the tennis ball hit the player, even if the player is out of bounds, then the opponent gets the point.

What does it mean for a player to trap the ball in soccer?

When a ball is travelling towards the player and he stops it and then maintains close control of it, he is trapping the ball.

What does a player do in soccer to make contact with a ball that is too high to reach with foot?

A player can either head the ball (hit it with his/her head) or back up to have a better play on the ball. If it's beyond their reach then the ball is for the player in the position behind him/her, and that player may need to run up and "meet" the ball.

Can a player be offside if the ball is played to him by the opposing team?

If the ball is literally PLAYED to the player by the opposition, then no, he cannot be offside. However, if the ball takes a deflection off the opposing player, then the player must be ONSIDE when his team mate plays the ball, regardless of his position when it hits the opposing player.

Which player jumps for the ball in basketball?

Normally, the center would. But in the case of a jump ball, the player that was fighting for possession of the ball will jump.( what he said)

Can a player who is out of bounds direct the ball back in bounds and continue play?

No. Once the ball touches a player that is out of bounds, the ball is considered out of bounds.

What is a dig in volleyball?

A dig is when the ball is very low and the player still is able to hit it, it is called "digging the ball". Most times when digging the ball the player will "dive" for the ball.

Can you block a player into a ball that was punted?

A block is the act of legally stopping a defender from getting to the player in possession of the ball.Therefore if there is not a player in possession of the ball no one can be technically blocked.

What are 2 ways to advance the ball down the court in basketball?

A player can pass the ball to a player located further down the court or he can run while dribbling the ball. A player cannot move his feet while holding the ball.

What is overlapping?

an overlapping run is when one player has the ball and the other player cuts out to the outside and overlaps and the player who has the ball passes and shoot

Hand ball in football?

Hand ball is a foul called to a player who accidentally or intentionally touch the ball from the hands to the biceps of a football player. If the hand ball is intentional, the referee may give a card to the player who did it (yellow or red card). The only player that is allowed to touch the ball with any part of his body is the goal keeper.