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A backhand throw is technically the standard throw in Disc Golf however many people choose side-arm as well as it is easier to learn in the beginning.

A backhand throw is the way you would typically throw a regular frisbee. If you are right handed, one or two fingers curls under the rim of the disc with your thumb on top. There are many varying techniques and methods to this throw. Your best bet is to Google some videos and refer to some good disc golfing sites.

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A backhand throw is the throw you probably imagine when you think of throwing a disc. The disc is thrown by going across your body and releasing the disc from the opposite side of your throwing hand.

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Q: What is a backhand throw in disc golf?
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How many ways are there to throw frisbees?

There are many different ways to throw a Frisbee, but to name some of the more popular ones: Backhand, forehand, hammer, scuber, and chicken wing. Of course, any way you throw the disc can be considered a type of throw.

What type of sport is discus?

Disc golf is a sport that is played much like regular golf. Instead of a ball and a club, the player has a series of discs that he/she uses to throw into a target some distance away. The player counts the number of throws that are needed to reach the target as "shots" and the game is scored just like golf.The game isnotscored just likegolf i play it.Golfgoes Eagle, Ace, Birdie, Par, Bogie Disc Golf goes Ace, Birdie, Par, Bogie

What sport combines golf and frisbee?

Disc golf combines the throwing of a frisbee with the mechanics and rules of golf. The idea is to throw the frisbee at a series of target and those with the least amount of throws(or strokes in golf terms) wins.

Can one use a disc golf disc for ultimate?

Yes, one can improvise a disc golf disc and use it for ultimate.

What product did Innova Disc Golf patent?

The company, Innova Disc Golf, created and patented the world's first disc that is used in Disc Golf. The company also patented the drawings of the design of the disc.

How does one score points in the game frisbee golf?

One can score points in the game Frisbee Golf in the same way as regular golf. The aim is to complete the course in as few throws as possible. If one completes a hole in one less throw than par they score -1, if they take one more throw than par it is +1 etc. The game is usually called Disc Golf.

What are the different types of frisbees?

i would say the three most popular throws are backhand, forehand, and a hammer. The backhand is the typical throw everyone knows, the forehand is just like the backhand except there is a different grip and you don't cross your arm over your body, and the hammer is like a tomahawk over your head. The forehand and backhand can be tricky, but useful once mastered.

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Where should your fingers be placed when throwing a backhand throw?

they could be put anywhere

What are four ways to throw the frisbee?

Here are four of the many ways to throw a Frisbee: Backhand- This is the typical disc throw. When an average person picks up a disc, this is how they throw it. Take the disc with four fingers around the rim and thumb on top. Put the disc across your body and snap your wrist and point forward. Forehand- This is more of an advanced throw. Here is the easiest way to describe it. Take your hand and make a gun with it, the barrel being your pointer and middle fingers. Put those two fingers on the outer side of the rim. Take your other two fingers and grip them on the inside of the rim. Put oyur thumb on top and hold tight. Now instead of holding the disc across your body like a backhand, hold it out to the side of you. Now snap your wrist and let go of the disc. Hammer- This throw is tricky for beginners. Take the disc with the same grip as the forehand. When you throw this, either take a step forwards of backwards (I prefer backwards). When you are throwing the disc, you throw it at about a 45 degree angle above your head, upside down. When i say upside down, I mean the logo on the disc is facing the ground or yourself when you release it. When you release the disc over your from behind you to over your head at a 45 degree angle, put a lot of snap in your wrist. A LOT. This way the disc will flatten itself out in the air. Scuber- This is a strategic throw and must be treated as such. The sole reason someone would throw this throw is to get the disc over and past a tough cup defense. To throw it, you hold the disc like a forehand. now hold it upside down (logo to the ground) and hold it over your shoulder. Now snap your wrist and move your hand up towards the sky so it floats high and level (parallel to the ground).

Is frolf the same thing as disc golf?

Yes, "frolf" is the same thing as disc golf, which is short for frisbee golf...

When was European Open - disc golf - created?

European Open - disc golf - was created in 2006.