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to hold air

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Q: What is a air bladder in a football?
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How do you fill air in a football if the hole on the inner rubber bladder has moved?

Buy a new football. Sorry.

Why are there laces on a football?

There has to be a slit somewhere to insert the air bladder through, THat slit is then closed with the laces.

What is a latex bladder?

the inside of a football

Is there air in the bladder?


What causes air in the bladder urinary system?

My mother was recently told that she has air in her bladder. Her doctor said that there are two ways that air can get into the bladder. One is when a catheter is inserted air can go in with it. The other is a fistula between the colon and bladder that allows air to enter from the colon into the bladder. I have since seen an article that says that bladder infections can sometimes cause gas (air) to build up in the bladder. Hope this helps!

How important is the presence of air bladder in Pisces?

air bladder is present which regulates buoyancy

What are the air bladders for on a bladder wrack?

air bladders are on a bladder wrack for different reasons

Do reptiles have an air bladder?


What is the function of the air bladder of Fucus?

The Fucus is the a brown algae seaweed that comes with an air bladder. The bladder is filled with oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

What is the football made from?

By football I am assuming American football. It is a rubber bladder with leather sewn around it and then inflated.

Why was there a pigs bladder in the globe theatre?

To use as a football

What was the Tudor football made of?

The Tudor Football was made out of Pigs Bladder bound in leather.

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