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Q: What is a Lefty Grove signed ball worth?
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How much is a game ball played and signed by 21 players such as ted Williams hank aaron ernie banks cool papa bell joe dimaggio dizzy dean lefty grove red ruffing and etc worth?

idk who those people r but they sound professional so it must be worth a lot of money

What is the value of a magic Johnson signed basketball?

Its worth about 1,000,000 it depends on the condition of ball and if the ball is a nba certified or not nba certified ball signed will be worth more

What is a Lou Brock signed ball worth?

I say a Lou Brock signed ball is probably worth at least a hundred bucks.But it depends on how old it is.

How much is a signed Liverpool world cup soccer ball worth?

depends who signed it

How much is a fully signed arsenal ball worth?


What is an Autographed Ball signed by Bill Jackowski worth?


How much is a Mickey Mantle signed ball worth?


What is the Chelsea ball signed by George Best worth?

The George best autogragh is worth about $100( That's what I sold one for). If he had signed a Manchester United ball , It probably would be worth more. maybe $200. if it was a man utd ball that was signed by him while in his playing days at utd, it could be worth a lot , lot more. He Lived in Chelsea for a good while , that's probably were the ball was signed. Good luck

How much money is a Casey Blake signed ball worth?


What is a 1996 signed Manchester united ball worth?

about £400 - £600

How much is 2004 signed Red Sox ball?

its worth about 16000$

How much is a Kevin youkilis signed ball worth?

10 dollars

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