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Q: What is a GA allowed and not allowed in netball?
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Who is allowed inside the 'D' on a Netball court?

When you mean 'D', I am assuming that you mean the semi-circle in your teams goal. If you are the only positions in netball allowed in the semi-circle are Goal Shooter (GA), Goal Attack (GA), Goal Keeper (GK), and Goal Defence (GD). Keep in mind that the GS and GA are only allowed in their goal semi-circle and the GK and GD are only allowed in the opposition goal semi-circle. Hope this helped :) Vicky

What are the 7 netball poistions and are they allowed on the pitch?

the 7 positions are GD, GA, GS, GK, WD, WA, C and no they can not yhe pitch

Who defends GA in netball?

Goal Defence

Which 4 players are allowed in semi circle in netball?

Goal Shoot (GS) Goal Attack (GA) Goal Defence (GD) Goal Keeper (GK)

In netball has the GS always been allowed out of the shooting circle?

yes it is and has allways been allowed outside the netball circle

Is slam dunk allowed in netball?


What is it called when a player goes in an area they aren't allowed in in netball?

It depends if you are playing proper netball or nettaball (younger players netball). In netball it is offside.

In netball where is the goal attack not allowed?

The goal attack, also known as GA, can only go into their third where they are shooting, the goal square and into the middle third. GA is also eligible to shoot goals.

How is a goal scored in net ball?

When either the GA (goal attack) or GS (goal shooter) throw the netball up into the hoop in the goal circle. The goal circles are at each end of a netball court. The only players allowed in a circle is the GA, GS, GD (goal defence from opposing team) and GK (goal keeper also from the opposing team.

Are you allowed to touch the ball if the opposition has it in netball?


What does the C in netball do?

The Centre Helps out the WA,WD,GD and GA. They are allowed in all of the court apart from the two D's at either end. It is one of the hardest positions to play as it requires you to do alot of running around to get the ball to your GS and GA. Hope this helps:)

What is the different betwen netball and basketball?

In netball you cannot bouncethe ball whereas you can in basketball and in netball only certain players are allowed in specific thirds prior to which position they play, but in basketball the whole team is allowed anywhere.