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Q: Are you allowed to touch the ball if the opposition has it in netball?
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What are the main rules in netball?

No contact which means you can not touch/push/shove your opposition.Obstruction which means that someone is defending too close, you have to be atleast 3 feet away from the person with the ball while defending.No Stepping which means you are not allowed to walk/run with the ball.Playball which is normally the third touch or it means you are not allowed to bounce the ball more than once or toss the ball in the air more than once.Offside which means you go to a place on a netball court where your not allowed to go.short pass which means your pass is too short and yu know that its a short pass because your opposition can't intercept the ball because there is not enough room in between the on the ball which means you touch the ball while the opposition has the ballholding, you can not hold your playerheld ball which means you have the ball for than 3 seconds.

What does a gk do in Netball do?

The goal keeper in netball protects the net and stops the opposition from getting the ball into the net.

Are you allowed to run with the ball in netball?

No. you have to stand and throw the ball.

The thing you are not allowed to do in netball?

run with the ball, bounce the ball,

Do you need to mark people in netball?

Yes, you do. The purpose of this is to try and get the ball off your opposition.

What is awarded for contact in netball?

free pass this is good for the opposition because they get a chance to have the ball

What is the first rule of netball?

A player is not allowed to run with the ball.

Are you allowed to snatch or hit the ball out of the players hand IN NETBALL?


Can you slam dunk in netball?

No, you're not allowed to move with the ball

How long are you allowed to hold the ball for in netball?

3 seconds

How many seconds are you allowed to hold the ball in netball?

three seconds.

What is time in netball?

You are only allowed to hold the ball for 3 seconds.

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