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Softball pitchers pitch from 43 feet, while Baseball pitchers pitch from 60.5 feet. Therefore, A 65 mph softball pitch is equivalent to a 91 mph baseball pitch. Each reaction time is approx .45 seconds.

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Q: What is a 65 mph softball equal to in baseball?
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What is the speed of a pitch in fast pirch softball?

Anywhere from 30 to 65 mph

In fast pitch softball what is the average speed of a collegiate pitcher?

65 mph

If you throw a baseball 60 yards how fast is that?

about 65 mph

What is a fast speed for an 8TH grader to pitch?

i know a girl that can pitch a softball 65 mph. she is 13 years old

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The average speed at a school with a good program is about 65-70 MPH.

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How fast does a college softball pitcher throw?

Most of them throw a fastball at around 65 mph. There have been a few exceptional pitchers that could reach 71 or 72 mph. Jenny Finch among them.

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