What is Wayne Rooney nick name?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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Q: What is Wayne Rooney nick name?
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What is Kai Wayne Rooney?

It is the name of Wayne Rooney's son.

What is Wayne Rooney's real name?

Wayne Rooney you dumarses

What is rooney' full name?

Wayne mark Rooney

What is wane rooneys dads name?

Wayne Rooney's father is Thomas Wayne Rooney.

Does Wayne Rooney have child?

Yes his name is Kai Rooney.

Who did Wayne Rooney get married to?

Wayne Rooney married his old girlfriend of many years , her name is Colleen.

What is the full name of Dimitar Berbatov and Wayne Rooney?

Dimitar Ivanov Berbatov and Wayne Mark Rooney

What is the name of Wayne rooneys baby?

Kay Wayne Rooney

What is Rooneys name?

Wayne mark Rooney

Who is Wayne Rooney's mother?

Wayne Rooney's mother is Jeanette Rooney.

Name of Wayne Rooney's sister?

he last name is tramp

What was Wayne gretzsky's nick name?

Harley Lazenby is the nick name of Wayne gretzsky