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Any spin in Field Hockey is a fluke. There is almost no way to reliably create spin on the ball; the few methods available don't work to any substantial degree.

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Q: What is Putting spin on a ball field hockey?
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What do you call the field hockey skill when you start with the ball on the ground and then spin very quickly in a tight circle - i think it might be named after a country?

Um, I think its called Arking...

What is a bt apex barrel what does it for paintballing?

The Apex barrel is BT's upgrade to the Tippman Flatline barrel. It allows the shooter to "curve" the ball around or "dive bomb" over the top of bunkers by putting a spin on the ball. It also will allow the shooter to get extra distance out of a shot by putting a back spin on the ball. How the it works is the tip of the barrel has a ridge that gives the ball a spin like a curve ball or a spin on a ping pong ball. You can get the same effect by turning a Flatline on the side.

What is the best golf ball for spin?

The best golf balls for spin are essentially any of the premium golf balls on the market. These would include the Titleist pro v 1 and Taylormade TP etc. Some balls claim to be spin but some of the time they are not great for spin. If you have clean grooves and hit a clean compressed strike on the golf ball you will be get it to spin easily. Prov1 balls are good but Callaway Tour i and tour ix spin slightly more than prov1s the down side to this is the cover shreds very quickley

How do you decide which way you are going in a field hockey game?

it depends what level your playing at, but at the lower levels, you get the captain of one team to spin his stick, the other captain calls, round or flat, then the winner either chooses the ball or which way they want to go.

Where did the term putting english on the ball come from?

This has been attributed to the US players, when the action of placing side spin on the cue ball was taught to them by the Europeans, most of whom were British.

What does spin do to baseballs?

Depends whether you're on offense or defense, if you're the pitcher, spin helps you tail and cut the ball (move to left or right) and sink and rise (down and up motion.) If your in the field the spin put on the ball off the bat can make it have the same motions and cause irregular hops when the ball hits the ground.

Dodge field hockey?

A dodge is used to get around players without them stealing the ball. There are several different dodges available to use (here's a couple). Y-Dodge: Hit the ball to the right. Run to the left. Join back with the ball as you run around the person Spin Dodge: You spin around the player with the ball on your stick. When using this dodge you must have the ball on your stick or else you will be called for obstruction

Does a foul tip go faster than the pitch?

It depends on the type of foul tip. If you cause the ball to spin fast on a foul tip it will speed up, if you change the spin of the ball it will slow down. With this said, pitchers in baseball generally put "top spin" on their pitches meaning it is spinning forward -- so if the batter swings underneath the ball and foul tips it, then the ball will speed up as the spin will go faster after contact with the bat. If the batter swings over top of the ball and foul tips it, then the ball will slow down more then likely as it will cause the spin of the ball to change to "back spin" Now in the eyes of the field the spins will be opposite.. when a batter hits the ball in play but swings under the ball it will put backspin on the ball for the fielder, if he swings on top of the ball it will cause "top spin" -- that is why ground balls and line drivers are generally traveling faster then the pitch did, and fly balls travel slower then the pitch

What is a topspin serve in volleyball?

hit it with a normal backhand grip, striking upward

How do you pot a snooker ball?

To put spin or side on a cue ball you strike the ball off-centre. So imagine a point in the centre of the ball which is half way up from the table and directly opposite to the direction you wish the ball to travel. If you strike the ball around this point you will force the ball to spin. So strike below this point to put backspin on the ball, above this point to put top-spin and either side to put side-spin. Obviously you can impart both top and side or bottom and side by striking the ball towards a diagonal. The spin you put on the ball will act to move the ball in the direction of the spin. This is most notable in back-spin where once the forward momentum of the ball is taken by striking another ball the backspin cause the ball to move in th opposite direction of the strike. The amount of spin placed on the ball can take affect as the ball is moving, so enough side-spin can cause the ball to follow a curved path. The effects of the spin can be improved by tilting to follow the type of spin you wish t impart; so hold the butt of the cue higher to get better backspin or hold the butt lower to get better top-spin. Doing this with side spin becomes difficult as you have to adjust the angle of the strike. In its most extreme you can strike downwards towards the side of the ball to cause it to curve - this takes a lot of practice and you have to be careful you do not damage the table. However I find the most important part of putting spin on the ball is ensuring that you follow through the stroke with your cue and make the stroke smooth and decisive. If you snatch at the cue you will either hit the ball in the wrong place or scoop the ball causing it to jump. I hope you have found this helpful.

What is tennis ball spin name?

Top spin, back spin... There's a few.

Can you spin a chi ball?