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You can e-mail Mets players and their manager at

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Q: What is New York Mets manager Jerry Manuel's email?
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Who is the mets general manager?

Jerry Manuel

Who is the coach of the mets?

The coach (manager) of the New York Mets is Jerry Manuel.

Who is the Mets 2008 manager?

Willie Randolph began the 2008 season as the Mets manager, but was replaced by Jerry Manuel.

Name of manger in the mets?

Jerry manuel

What Mets manager has gathered the most wins as manager of the Mets?

The Mets' manager with the most wins is Davey Johnson who managed the Mets to 595 wins between 1984-1990. Second is Bobby Valentine with 536 wins between 1996-2002.

Who was the first NEW YORK mets manager in club history?

Casey Stengel was the first ever manager of the New York Mets.

Who was the Manager of the Mets in 1979?

Joe Torre

What is jerry manuel mets jersey number?


Why have the NY Mets chosen Terry Collins - former Astros and Angels manager - as the team's new manager?

no body cares about the mets anyways

Who was the manager of the New York Mets in 1985?

Davey Johnson managed the Mets in 1985.

Why is Willie Randolph still the manager of the Mets?

He's not. Fired overnight in Anaheim after a Mets win.

Who is the New York Mets manager?

Terry Collins

Who will be the next mets manager?

The Mets have chosen Terry Collins as their new manager, beginning with the 2011 season. He will be introduced at a news conference on 11/23/2010.

What is the importance of mets to a carm program manager?

A. METs are the foundation or starting point for determining critical assets.

Who was the first manager of the New York Mets?

Casey Stengel managed the Mets between 1962-1965.

How many wins does manager jerry manual have?

Through games played on April 29, 2009 he has won 564 games as a manager. He was the manager of the Chicago White Sox between 1998-2003 and had a record of 500-471 and has been the manager of the New York Mets since June 17, 2008 and has a record of 64-50.

Is Jerry manuel of the NY Mets parent black?

Jerry Manuel is not hispanic. Manuel is from Georgia and is African-American

You want to email Jay Horwitz with the New York Mets How can you get his email address?

By Having Babies

What year were the mets founded?

The New York Mets were established in 1962. Terry Collins is the manager for the New York Mets currently. There stadium is City Field.

Who was the manager of the New York Mets in the 1969 World Series?

Gil Hodges managed the Mets in the 1969 World Series.

Who was the first manger of the mets?

The Mets joined the National League as an expansion team in 1962, their first manager was Casey Stengel.

Who was the first New York Mets first manager?

Casey Stengel.

What was the name of the New York Mets manager in 1968?

Gil Hodges

Who is manager of the st lucie mets?

The 2007 manager of the st lucie mets is Frank Cacciatorre (Gary Carter managed St Lucie to Florida State League championship in 2006 and did not return 2007)

What New York Mets player asked Jerry out to dinner on Seinfeld?

Keith Hernandez.