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The National Hockey League (NHL) in French is League Nationale de Hockey (LNH).

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Q: What is NHL in French?
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List of french last names in NHL?


How do you say he was drafted in the nhl?

how do you say he was drafted in french

Who are the ten NHL players with french names?

Cristobal Huet

What is NHL French for?

It's LNHLigue nationale de hockey

Who are the best French hockey players in the NHL?

Happy Gilmore

How do you say NHL playoffs start Wednesday in french?

les éliminatoires du NHL commencent mercredi. (Maybe the French Canadian spelling would be LNH)

What is the location of the NHL team the Canadians?

The Canadiens (watch spelling, it's french) play out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

How many NHL video games are there?

There are 21 NHL Games for now 1. NHL 93 (1992) 9. NHL 2001 (2000) 17. NHL 09 (2008) 2. NHL 94 (1993) 10. NHL 2002 (2001) 18. NHL 10 (2009) 3. NHL 95 (1994) 11. NHL 2003 (2002) 19. NHL 11 (2010) 4. NHL 96 (1995) 12. NHL 2004 (2003) 20. NHL 12 (2011) 5. NHL 97 (1996) 13. NHL 05 (2004) 21. NHL 13 (2012) 6. NHL 98 (1997) 14. NHL 06 (2005) 7. NHL 99 (1998) 15. NHL 07 (2006) 8. NHL 2000 (1999) 16. NHL 08 (2007)

Is NHL 09 better than NHL 08?

NHL 09 is better then NHL 08


NHL duh who likes the KHL?

How many women have played in NHL hockey?

There has officially been one woman to play in the NHL. A French Canadian by the Name of Manon Rheaume. She was signed in 1992 by Tampa Bay and played an exhibition game for them that year.

Best 1998 NHL line?

The Production Line, The GAG line, The Pizza Line, The Legion of Doom, The French Connection

Who make the rules in the NHL?


What game is better NHL 2k 11 or NHL Slapshot?

NHL 2k11

Is Joe Sakic featured in NHL 10 NHL 11 or NHL 12?

No, He Is Not :(

Who were the french connection in NHL?

They played for the Buffalo Sabres They were #7 Rick Martin #11 Gilbert Perreault #14 Rene Robert

How many players are in the NHL?

Number of NHL PlayersThere are currently 690 players in the NHL.

When was the nhl formed?

The NHL was formed in 1917

Who was the man who made the NHL?

Who Made the NHL?

Who is on the Nhl logo?

the NHL logo is a shield.

Is the NHL fake?

No. The NHL does in fact exist.

Is Kentucky in the NHL?

No, Kentucky has no NHL team.

Does Arkansas have a NHL?

No, Arkansas does not have an NHL team.

Who was involved in the NHL lockout?

nhl generals