Is NHL 09 better than NHL 08?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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NHL 09 is better then NHL 08

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Q: Is NHL 09 better than NHL 08?
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Is NHL 10 better than NHL 09?

Yes, way better .

Is there going to be an NHL 09 for the Wii?

Probably not. I'll explain to you why, because there was no NHL 07 for Gamecube, there was no NHL 08 for the wii so there probably won't be a NHL 09 for the wii.

What is better NHL09 or NHL 2k9?

on the game rating sites it says nhl 09 is better

Which is better FIFA 08 or FIFA 09 on DS?

Fifa 09

What is better NASCAR 08 or 09?

I think Nascar 08 is better because it has both the car of tomorrow and the old car. But then Nascar 09 has the newer paint schemes so it is hard to tell, it depends what you think. (Though, NASCAR Thunder 2003 is better than both.)

What do you call a date like 08 08 08 or 09 09 09?

08 08 08= August 8, 2008 09 09 09= September 9, 2009

What is better Madden 08 or 09?

Madden 09 is slightly better than 08. Not a big difference though, graphics & some upgraded features.Madden 10 is even better.Rent the games, see which one you like, buy it.

Is there a NHL 09 for wii?

it's called NHL 2K9 No, nhl 09 has Dion phaneuf on the cover, they only have nhl 2k9 which has rick Nash on the cover.

Is FIFA 10 better than FIFA 09?

Yes, alot better!!! It's better with game control and shooting ability! Ive got Fifa 10, Fifa 09, Fifa 08 and 07 and Fifa 10 tops the list in ease!!!! Loving the game!!

Can you use 'NHL 09' 'be a pro' character in 'NHL 10'?


What is better Madden 09 or madden 08?

they both are the worst football game ever

What is the nhl salary cap for 2008-2009?

The Current Cap for the 08-09 season is $56.7 million. There is also a minimum team payroll of $40.7 million.