Who are the ten NHL players with french names?

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Cristobal Huet

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2009-12-26 23:39:38
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Q: Who are the ten NHL players with french names?
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WAYNE ,Tushar

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Of the 4 top pro sports, MLB, NBA NFL, and the NHL, hockey players have always been paid the least amount.

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1. You have to be a good enough hockey player to attract the attention of professional NHL teams. This usually means playing well at an elite level in North American or European junior hockey or attracting attention a little later by playing on a university team. 2. Every year the NHL conducts a draft in which the NHL playing rights of eligibile undrafted players are assigned to NHL teams. The draft has ten rounds and there are 30 teams, so 300 players are drafted every year. These drafted players are usually invited to prospect training camps. Some will be invited to Fall training camp with the NHL team. Most drafted players do not reach the NHL. 3. Occasionally a player who was undrafted and is no longer eligible for the draft will attract attention a little later in his hockey career and will make it to the NHL. 4. There has been one female NHL hockey player - Manon Rheaume. She is a goaltender and played in 2 exhibition games for Tampa Bay in 1992 and 1993.

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