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the college of saint rose

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Q: What is the worst soccer team in NCAA Division 2?
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What is the worst division 1 NCAA basketball team record so far in 2010?


What is the worst soccer team in Mexico?

Las Agilas Del America is the worst soccer team in Mexico

Which Division 1 NCAA basketball team has a live mascot?

NCAA Division 1 Basketball teams

Is Delaware listed as a division one football team in the NCAA or a division two in the NCAA?

The University of Deleware competes at the Division I level. The football team competes at the Division I-FCS level.

Who is the worst mens basketball team in ncaa?

The worst team varies year to year, so there really isn't a worst team.

Who is the worst club soccer team in fifa 12?

Drogheda utd is the worst club soccer team in fifa12

What is the worst NCAA football team?

Washinton State

Worst team in the NCAA?

Washington State Cougars

What is the worst college soccer team?


Do the Oregon Ducks have a men's soccer team?

Yes, but a club team, not NCAA

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Your mother

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Is the yale women's soccer team division 1?

Yes, but it only competes with the ivy league schools. So it is what we call Division 1 Ivy. It still competes with all Division 1 teams in the NCAA tournament.

Does Boise state university have a mens soccer team?

Boise State does not have a NCAA Men's Soccer Team. The school does, however, have a Men's Club Soccer team. This team has a website

What team owns the most NCAA division 1 womens basketball titles?

The University of Tennessee's women's basketball team has the most Womens Division 1 NCAA National Titles.

What NCAA men's division 1 basketball team has reached the NCAA tournament the most times?


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barcelona is the best soccer team in the world then germany then real madrid then

Which is the worst soccer team in the world?

American Samoa for professional soccer legue

What is the worst soccer team in the world?

Manchester City.

Who is the worst soccer team in the world?

galway united.

Who is the worst football soccer team today?