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100m freestyle Michael phelps 46.65 seconds

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 17:00:18
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Q: What is Michael Phelps best 100m freestyle time?
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What is Michael Phelps' best stroke?

I think freestyle

Who is the best Olympic Swimmer?

Michael Phelps.

Who is the best swimmer of all time?

Michael Phelps

What is Michael Phelps personal best at swimming?

butterfly \

Why is Michael Phelps a leader?

he is the best swimmer in the world

Why is Michael Phelps the best?

Because he practices everyday.

Who were the best olympic swimers?

Michael Phelps DUHHH

Who is best swimmer?

MICHAEL PHELPS all the way

Who is Michael Phelps best friend?

erik van loon

What are the best olympic firsts?

Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt.

Is Michael Phelps a professional swimmer?

Michael Phelps is most definatley a profesional swimmer! Pro level is Olympics and Fina worlds etc. Michael Phelps is the best swimmer in history. Amazing preformances at the olympics. Proud =]

Who was the best American 800 m champion called Michael?

Michael phelps... he is competing this year

What countries are the best at Olympic swimming?

Australia is the best America ; we got Michael phelps.

Who is the best athlete in the US?

This is debatable, but many say it is Michael Phelps

Who won best swimmer in 2009 in olympic game?

Michael phelps

Who is the best butterflyer of all time?

Easy. Michael Phelps is the best flyer of all time(:

What is Michael Phelps best event?

He's the best in the world at several events but his best is the 200 meter Butterfly.

Is Michael Phelps the world's best swimmer?

i believe hes a top American swimmer

He is considered the best athlete?

Michael Phelps is the most decorated olympian of all time.

How successful is Michael Phelps?

Michael Phelps is extremely successful. He is one of the biggest influences on upcoming swimmers and many swimmers look up to him. His body is built for speed in the water so he is the best there is.

What is Michael Phelps's best times?

100 Freestyle 47.51200 Freestyle 1:42.96-AR400 Freestyle 3:46.73100 Backstroke 53.01200 Backstroke 1:54.65100 Butterfly 49.82-WR200 Butterfly 1:51.51-WR200 Individual Medley 1:54.23400 Individual Medley 4:03.84-WR Does not compete in the 50 Freestyle, 800 Freestyle, 1500 Freestyle, 100 Breaststroke, and 200 Breaststroke.(Note: these are only long course meters (LCM) times) (Updated July 31, 2009, 11:08 Western Time)

What was in the blue box given to Michael Phelps?

It was the FINA award which is given to the meet's best swimmer.

What was the goal of Michael Phelps?

To win eight golds in a single olympics- but mostly to do his personal best.

Who is the fastest swimmer?

It is Micheal Phelps.The world's fastest swimmer would have to be Michael Phelps because he holds 30 ( i think) world records in swimming.Breaking 37 world records, Michael Phelps is generally considered the greatest swimmer of all time.Currently (2009), France's Frederick Bousquet holds the 50m freestyle record at 20.94 seconds. Britta Steffen holds the women's 50m freestyle record at 23.73 seconds. Although Caleb Dressel has a 18.23 freestyle.Answer The fastest swimmer on earth is seamus sazuki on the japenise swim team. he has beat michale phelps in the 100 backstroke and won 15 gold medals.MagnussonMicheal Phelps is considered the best and fastest swimmer of all swimming records. But this is not yet a fact.Currently (2009-2010), France's Frederick Bousquet holds the 50m freestyle record at 20.94 seconds. Britta Steffen holds the women's 50m freestyle record at 23.73 seconds.

What is Michael Phelps best time for breaststroke?

100mt 1:02:54 Baltimore 11/06/2010