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12 wins

11 losses

0 ties

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โˆ™ 2011-09-25 04:59:38
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Q: What is Iowa football's head to head record vs penn state?
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What is Iowa football's head to head record vs Iowa State?

Iowa 37 wins, ISU 19 wins

Who was the head coach for women's basketball of the Iowa Hawkeyes and the Iowa State Cyclones?

Bill Fennelly Iowa State, Lisa Bluder Iowa

What is address of the State Head Start office in Iowa?

The State Head Start office address is: Iowa Head Start State Collaboration Office Iowa Department of Education, Bur of School Improv Grimes State Office Building 400 East 14th Street Des Moines, IA 50319-0146

Who is nebraska footballs head coach?

Bo Pelini

Is it true that football was started with human head?

Yes because people say that they had to use people's head before footballs were made

Who was the head football coach for Arizona State in 1996?

Bruce Snyder.Snyder was head coach at Arizona State between 1992-2000 and compiled a 59-44 record.

Where is the head office of The Daily Record in NJ located?

The head office of the Daily Record which is a newspaper in the state of New Jersey is located in Parsippany. The main office is located at 6 Century Drive.

Who are the toughest football firm?

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What is North Carolina's basketball head to head record vs ucla?

head to head record duke vs carolina

Which US State farms the most hogs?

Iowa, by far. At any given time, Iowans have nearly 20 million head on hand.

What is Kansas basketball's head to head record vs Wichita State?

The overall record is 12-2 in favor of KU. The only time they met in the NCAA tournament Wichita State beat KU 66-65 so Kansas is 0-1 in the NCAA Tournament against Wichita State.

At which school was former Hawkeye football coach Hayden Fry the head coach just before coming to Iowa?

North Texas.Fry was head coach of North Texas between 1973-1978 and compiled a record of 40-23-3, going 19-3 his final two seasons there. He took over at Iowa in 1979.

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