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Answer:The year Iowa defeated Hawaii was Jason Elam's freshman year in 1989!


Actually, the University of Hawaii football team defeatedthe University of Iowa Hawkeyes (not Iowa State) in 1988, not 1989. It was Jason Elam's freshman year. The final score was Hawaii 27, Iowa 24. Since Iowa was ranked as high as ninth nationally, it was a pretty huge upset.

Here's a link to the Na Koa football club website, which includes a video showing the last few minutes of the game (a missed field goal attempt by Iowa and ensuing celebration by Hawaii). Hawaii fans can relive the sweet memory while Iowa fans will probably want to pass.

In case you were wondering, the Iowa State football team is the Cyclones, not the Hawkeyes. I don't think Hawaii has ever played Iowa State, although I may be wrong there.

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Hawaii was 2-2 in their first season under head coach Austin Jones.

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Q: What year did University of Hawaii football team defeat the Iowa State Hawkeyes?
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