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Dribbling the ball

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Q: What is Gently tapping the ball along in field hockey called?
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What narrow gently sloping strip of land that lies along the edge of an ocean or lake is called a?

Bank or beach!

Does ice hockey hit a ball?

No, in ice hockey the object is a flat, hard rubber disk called a puck that skims along the ice or can become airborne, depending on how it is hit.

Why was the hockey stick invented?

The hockey stick was invented to use along with the hockey puck in the game of hockey. The Mi'kmaq people of Nova Scotia are credited with inventing the hockey stick.

Do hockey players and wrestlers get along?


What is the term that represents a play in floor hockey and basketball?

Dribbling In Hockey you are pushing the ball along and in Basketball you are bouncing the ball along the court in front of you.

What is cycling hockey?

cycling in hockey is when a teammate passes the puck to another teammate along the yellow of the boards

How do you become a hockey goalie?

go along to you're nearest ice hockey team and express you're desires to play hockey in paticular to play in goals.

How do you use the word loped in a sentence?

The horse loped along gently.

In ice hockey why is the area along the boards in the defensive end called the half boards?

They are called the half boards because it's an area half-way between the blue line and the goal line. -- In a hockey rink, the half boards are the area along the side boards **half-way** between the blue line and the goal line, roughly from the hash marks to the top of the faceoff circle.

How do they chose a coach for the hockey team in olympic hockey?

The GM (General Manager) for that year picks him, along with all other staff and players.

What is the risk associated with buying a cheap hockey stick?

Cheap hockey sticks are at risk of shattering or otherwise warping and bending along the frame. This can cause injury, or render the hockey stick unusable.

What does on ice mean on hockey tickets?

it means seats like along the boards